Mary Mary Gets It Right


Mary Mary’s latest song and video, Go Get It the epitome of Regal Realness. It embodies it to the fullest, and for this reason it will be the theme song for this blog. When you think “REGAL REALNESS” you should think “Go Get It.” The song encourages all of us to go out and get our blessings which is what God intended for us to do. “Faith without work is dead.” You have to get out there and get those blessings-Now! If I didn’t go out there and just start this blog and get the ball moving it may have never started. This blog has been a blessing for me. It has been a peacemaker for me. It has been my passion taking me to my purpose. It has taken me from nowhere to somewhere because I went and got it! Now, what is something you have been meaning to do? Now…go get it! Go get your blessing!