When Love Goes Wrong, Leave!


After watching one episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta I am appalled by the creators and producers, but even more concerned with the men and women who have allowed their lives to be shown in the public light. The producers know what they are doing; they want drama, lies, cheating, and verbal arguments. But in the grand scheme of life and when it comes to showing empowering images of men and women of color this show falls short. Way short! Stevie J and his child’s mother was painful to watch. It was painful to watch her display a mistake that  many woman, young and old make regardless of their background. But, it is especially troubling to see a gorgeous women of color as herself be dragged through the mud with cheating and lies from a man constantly hurting her and with no intentions on stopping. She makes it clear on this first episode that she also has no intentions of leaving him because as she put it, “when its good—its really good.” But, is it worth it? Good isn’t good enough. If you want any man to treat you with respect (boyfriends, friend, dad, cousin, uncle, etc) you must first believe that you are “regal.” Believe that you are gorgeous, deserve respect, love yourself and your body, and know that you expect the BEST treatment from everyone you encounter! This woman needs to get “real” with herself and recognize the “regalness” that has been with her all along. She is missing it! She has her crown all she needs to do is put it on and wear it, and then step! Kicking his behind to the curb.

Taria is the founding editor of Regal Realness. She is a writer, teacher, lifestyle blogger, and women’s empowerment expert. She helps women of color build & radiate confidence, discover their greatness, and come into their own.
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  1. This not cool! Black women, wake up! Believe in who you are and don’t live your life playn second one in your own relationship. I was played for a min but how I got over everything is that I became a success! And he’s on the curbside!!!!!

    • Thanks for replying to my post! I appreciate it!
      Stay Regal and Real…getting played happens even to the best of us, including me. But as long as we find our worth we can get the King that we truly deserve!