5 Ways to Sparkle in the Presence of Men!


In honor of Sparkle I did a post that was inspired by my many recent girl talks with friends, and the title of the new movie hitting theaters this week! Being fabulous and empowered means you know how to work a room because you are confident and sure of yourself. Now, if you are really empowered then you know how to ‘sparkle’ in front of men. Many girls and women don’t know how to make this happen because we just simply aren’t taught how. That isn’t at the top of the list in school curriculum or mama’s list of things to teach her little girl. I get that! So here are five tried and true ways to shine with a regal beauty and confidence like never before in the presence of men!

1. Speak It Into Existence

You become what you believe! Say this to yourself: I am a beautiful, regal, and magnetic queen! All men want to get to know me and date me. They want to treat me well and believe I am a queen to be respected and taken care of really well.

 2. Dress The Part

Whether it is true or not, I recently read that men are 80% more visual than women. This is widely accepted between both sexes. Regardless of its validity the  truth is that men like looking at women! We all know this. Men like something ‘good’ to look at. Therefore, if you want to sparkle—always look your best when you come outside! Even if you are just running to the store, doing errands, or picking someone up. I cringed when I see pretty girls out in bonnets or pajama pants or even dried lips or sloppy looking jeans with muffin tops. Dress the part, more so for yourself, then the men. When you look good, you feel good, then you come off to others good (in positive and confident ways). You never know–what if you met the man of your dreams today and you looked a hot mess?

Picture: Jordin Sparks in Sparkle

 3. Flirt

There are multiple flirting styles. Find the 5 types here and this has a quiz to help you learn yours if you’re not sure: http://www.tressugar.com/Flirting-Styles-11904057. Learn yours and then work it! My friend and I discovered this last year and realized we had different flirting styles, but both work for our respective personalities and the type of relationships we were interested in.

4. Be Yourself

This is hard—I know! Be you. I know you probably hate when people tell you this. But, I am telling you again just be you. Don’t put on a front, airs, or try to act like you are a different type of woman just so they will like you. If it does turn into a date or a relationship you will have to start revealing who you really are which is harder to do on a daily basis. FYI: Guys noticed when you are faking it!  

 5. Smile

Seems so basic and simple, but a smile can go a long way. Practice your beautiful smile in the mirror more often while you say beautiful things to yourself in your head. This will boost your confidence and prepare you to ease into an award winning smile in the presence of men! Think about it why would a man be interested in a gal who didn’t smile…not attractive! He needs to know you have life and soul inside of you girl!

I want you to sparkle in the presence of men whether you are single, dating, or married. It will make you more confident and it will help you shine. It will help you snag a man or remind you that you still got it! Good luck ladies…one more step to become a fabulous & empowered you!!


  1. This is a cute post. Everything is realistic and appropriate. Ladies should just be genuine and kind to shine amongst the fellas and everyone else too!