CONFESSION: I Have an Addiction and I’m Not Ashamed to Admit It!

Yes! Who would have ever thought I would have an addiction. Well, I do. I am officially suffering from ‘pin-itis.” I am addicted to Pinterest and I won’t be seeking rehab anytime soon. Dr. Drew cannot even help me! LOL

Pinterest has changed my life. I urge you to create one if you haven’t already. My addiction actually saved my life! It has revamped my thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It allows its users to pin on board all things of their particular interest from food, relationships, wedding ideas, future home décor ideas, classroom ideas, clothes ideas, party planning ideas, date night tips, favorite sayings and quotes, etc. Pinterest has helped me stay more committed to my vision, my mission, my purpose, and my passions in life!

By seeing visual representation of things I love daily it inspires me to be a better person, and to actually try things out and actually LIVE! I see everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more on Pinterest. Pinterest is essentially virtual vision boards. They help you SEE who you are and what you like visually.

Once you can SEE it you can BE it! There is truth to this cliché.

The pins and boards on Pinterest remind me that anything is possible, and that there is still much to life to be lived, cooked, coordinated, planned, experienced, tasted, loved, enjoyed, created, beautified, and designed in each of our lives! It inspires me to use my God given gifts and talents MORE, and to try things I would have never done before. I believe the ideas I get from there allow me to see the life I want more clearly, and the things I want to try are laid out so it diminishes fear of what can really be accomplished if we give time to our interests, passions, and purpose.

If you really want to start LIVING, and DOING ALL THE THINGS YOU’VE EVER DREAMED OF, and CREATING THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED…I highly encourage you to get a Pinterest account, and start pinning your way to the life you want. However, I will point out that you should prepare to spend countless hours on here, but if you are I would also recommend that you follow through with actually trying out something things you PIN rather than just pinning them and leaving them behind.

With that being said, the start of this new addiction is only a click and a ‘pin’ away. Go get it!

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  1. That Pinterest addiction is VERY REAL! I followed you! Be Sure to do the same!

  2. Ha ha ha ha!!!