Do you Recognize the 7 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem?


Lately, I have noticed that self-esteem is a killer. It kills spirits, souls, and dreams! Shoot if we’re not careful it could take lives. Women walking around that we see with smiles on their faces, but secretly hurting on the inside. Low self-esteem creeps up on us. It happens to the best of us. No one is safe from it. But, the quicker you can recognize you are a victim of it. The quicker you can be a survivor, and on your way to being a Regal Real women who is both fabulous and empowered. Who has high self-esteem and is living the life of her dreams. Here are warning signs of low-self esteem. If you have any one of the 7, please STOP, LOOK, and ‘LIKE’ Regal Realness on Facebook and sign up for our FREE report on the side of this blog. You are not leaving this page without boosting your confidence, cultural consciousness, and cultivating your dreams.

1.       You let people take advantage you

If you are constantly doing for others but never take anytime out for yourself. This is a problem. If you are constantly doing for others, and they do not ask in a respectful manner or expect you to do for them when they give absolutely nothing in return ever—major problem!

2.       You constantly think negative thoughts

You don’t believe good things are on the way. You expect that this is just how life is going to be. You refuse to believe that your thoughts create your life. “Thoughts become things so choose the good ones,” is a saying you rarely listen to when you hear it.

3.       You always feel depressed or like you are failing at life

Most of the time you feel down and out. If you suspect you are depressed then this would be the best time to seek counseling, life coaching, or to talk with a friend. Depression is a serious matter that many remain quiet about in communities of color. Get help now so you don’t have to suffer later.

4.       You expect your man or a man to make you happy

A man cannot and will not make you happy. He will not complete you either. There I said it—BOOM! Only YOU can make yourself happy and whole. A man will complete you if you find the RIGHT one.

5.       You jump from relationship to relationship or friendship

Jumping from man to man or even different friends constantly does not provide stability nor does jumping around solve any of your problems. You need to get still with yourself and reflect on what it is you truly want in a man and in friendships with girls and guys. Then find the man and your core group of friends who will be loyal, loving, and supportive to you.

6.        You are self-conscious about your body daily

If you don’t like your body then you don’t like yourself. Constantly thinking you are fat and ugly will not make life happier or easier anytime soon. Your body must be embraced in order for you to gain confidence in yourself.

7.       You help others build their dreams but not your own

You are always working on someone’s dreams (projects, parties, organizations, business deals, etc but never working on accomplishing your own dreams). We each were given a dream. You can help others build theirs for a short while, but eventually you need to create a plan to go get yours and make it a dream come true!


What are some things you have done to overcome low self-esteem?


  1. OMG! I looveee this!!1

  2. I am an outwardly confident person… but my self-esteem could definitely use some tweaking I identify with more than 3 of these reasons… Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes you are confident!!! Yes, like I said it happens to the best of us..even me from time to time. We just have to be aware of it if we are to make changes. Thank you for reading and supporting Regal Realness!!

  3. Wow, I never looked at it that way before. Definitely opened my eyes! I needed this.

  4. Looks like I’ve suffered from some forms of self esteem issues. Re-evaluating some things starting today. This was a great read and an eye opener.