Royal Realities: A Poem

Royal Realities © by T. Renee

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge: My Royal Icon

It was paid for long ago

Ancestors wore it proudly

You need to wear it even better

Your crown


The gold dipped, diamond lit

Perfectly cut and ready to strut

Royalty has obviously entered the building

Dazzled by the crown

Made everybody’s mama proud

It has been in your possession since you entered the womb

You took baby steps to find out with your adolescent ways

That your throne was always a part of your zone

Please do us all a favor and get in your zone

Get in your space

Better, yet get to that place

Where you shall never forget so as long as you shall live

That you were born into royalty

Born into a rich civilization

Born into a culture of excellence

Born into a people of kings and queens

It is in your blood to stand tall with your shoulders back

Head held high and crown wore perfectly atop the most gorgeous kinky, curly hair

Wear it with pride, sophistication, elegance, and grace

As you lead and travel through life

You will make a name for yourself and a space for princesses and princes kissed by the sun to see royalty at work

Be sure to work it well

You are a natural at wearing that crown

Sista you are the best around

All you must do is believe

Believe that your crown has been brought and paid for

The reality is—all you must do is put it on