Who Else Admires Michelle Obama?: 4 Ways to Emulate the First Lady


Michelle has got it going on!!! I don’t know about you, but she left me speechless after the DNC speech. When I heard her speak in my hometown 4 years ago I was drowning in tears by her poise, elegance, and charm! She is a great role model for us all. She embodies fabulousity and empowerment like nobody’s business, and sister girl has it all! Whoever said you couldn’t must have not seen our girl Michelle working it and balancing it daily: work, family, marriage, events, self-care, etc. Would you like to get on her level…read more….

 Here are four ways to get your Mrs. Obama on:

  1. Stay Fancy: Always Look Your Best

She always has her nails done, hair done, and everything else done! She is known as a style icon because she has her SIGNATURE style and she works it. You never catch her looking down in out or on an off day because she didn’t feel like getting dressed that day. In essence, someone is always watching even though you are not the FLOTUS, but you are just as important so stay fly!

2. Commit to Your Man and/or Family

She is committed to Barack, he knows it and so does the whole world. How do I know? Because she tells us so. Do the same for your man…shout it to the rooftops—I LOVE THAT MAN and THIS IS WHAT HE STANDS FOR and I STAND BY HIM BECAUSE OF IT. Michelle and Barack both do this one thing very well. Acknowledging the other and showing love and sincere responsibility for raising their daughters and putting them first—always!


3.  Always Live Your Passion and Purpose

She may seem like she comes second to Barack. But, she still does her own thing as a wife and mommy in chief such as her “Let’s Move Campaign” and tackling other issues that are important to her. Yes, all first ladies do this but Michelle has done an exceptional job of getting right in there with everyday folks and showing us what she is passionate about. For example, she went on the Ellen DeGeneres show and did push-ups with her.

4.  Create a Presence You Can Be Proud Of

When she walks into room or she speaks we already know that elegance and regal realness has entered the building. We all stop, look, and listen. Why? Because she carries herself a certain way so we respect and accept a certain presence from Lady O. Build your presence starting now by how you carry yourself (it all starts with how you think about yourself!)


  1. 1st Lady Michelle Obama is the epitome of class & beauty!!!! ~Great Post #BLMGirls