Why My Lips Stay Poppin’ + 3 Glosses to Make You Shine!


Photo Credit: Madame Noire

Two reasons: the real reason is because I have larger lips and when they get dry they look a hot mess! So I like to keep them moisturized. Quite frankly, chapstick dries out too quickly for me. Although gloss has it drawbacks, too. The regal reason is because I like the glow that lip gloss gives me. It gives me a shine that brings confidence, and it brings an authenticity to who I really am on the inside, a city girl at heart with suburban dreams and worldly visions. To lead a fab life you always have to have a fab lip to accompany it! If you know me you know I always keep my lip gloss poppin’, and I have no plans on stopping! I am a clear gloss girl, but I am looking to dabble in color soon.

Why not add some color and shine to a fab and empowered life ladies…spice yours up too and join in the fun!!! 

When you look good, you feel good, and in turn you act like your good–>CONFIDENT and with High Self-Esteem!

Here are three of my favorites:

1. C & E Bigelow (Mentha Lip Shine) $7.50

MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE!!!! This can be found at Bath & Body Works and Online! There is normally a deal on these every few weeks. I love it because of the shine, and it has a mint flavor that brings a breath of fresh air once you put it in!  B & B has a host of other flavors to try out as well.

2. Nivea A Kiss of Shine $3

I’ve tried them all, and I love that they are inexpensive. So you can shine on a budget! I really love that the red one adds a hint of red color to your lips which is great for a night out!

3. MAC – Glasses (Clear, Tinted, Luster, Dazzle, ProLongWear, etc) $15-$20

These are a bit more but they are of better quality, last longer, and really make you look fab! I usually use this for very special occasions because I am stuck on my favorite above!

Try them out for yourself and let me know how you like them.

What glosses, chapsticks, or lipsticks would you recommend?


  1. That MAC Glass is the truth, expensive but worth it!

  2. Looooove lip gloss! I’m definitely going to try that Nivea line! Love your blog! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Please visit my blog http://www.divasthrifttwo.blogspot.com to accept your nomination.


    • Thanks for commenting Demetria! Yes, please do try the Nivea I love it!
      Also, thanks for the nomination! I checked your blog out..awesomeness! You are a true fashionista!!!

  3. Cute post! My new fave is Baby Lips by Maybelline!