4 Reasons Why Your VOTE Matters So Much For Women!

Patriotic Woman Holding "Vote" Placard

Election season is among us! There is no way that anyone can turn their eyes away from it. It is time to stand up for what we believe in, and show up ad show out at the polls! Voting is a political right that we cannot afford to not use. As hard as voting was fought for women and even more so for women of color; it would be disheartening to see us not to show out. I know I will be in there like swim wear to put my vote in. Get yours in too, here are 4 reasons to get you pumped for the polls:

1. Our Ancestors Fought For Us

Our ancestors fought for us to have the opportunity to live a better life and that included the right to vote for whoever we wanted to in this country. Alice Walker said it best: “We will be ourselves and free, or die in the attempt. Harriet Tubman was not our great-grandmother for nothing.” – Alice Walker. However, this statement reigns true for ALL women, women suffrage movement did fight for our rights, too. From Harriet to Susan B. Anthony these women represent our collective ancestors who fought for us

2. Our Vote Sets an Example

It shows others that no matter how much minorities, women, young people, etc are disenfranchised we still show up and show out. In addition, we set an example for our children and future generation to use their right to vote.  The best way to prove people wrong is to do what they think you won’t…in this case it would be VOTING (including showing up at the right location and selecting the buttons properly for the candidates you want to win!)

3. Our Health & Wellness is on the Line

This election especially will determine the rights we have as women as it pertains to our body and health. It boils down to you deciding whether you  want to make decisions for your own body or do you want someone else making them for you. Consider the type of access you both want and need to take care of your beautiful body!

4. Our Voices Should Be Heard

There are issues that affect us daily that need to be addressed and that we need to speak up on such as equal pay for women and men or education for yourself or your children. Voting is one of the first steps to making our viewpoints known.  By voting we represent candidates who align with our own views. We can even begin to rally others in the community around the importance of knowing our rights, history, and issues as a whole.

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  1. I think all 4 of these are important to remember. I voted because it is a RIGHT and a PRIVILEGE. Everyone doesn’t live in a democratic society. We each have a choice and a voice.


  2. Speak it girl! I feel the same way!!!