8 Things Successful Women Do Differently


Successful people do things differently. It’s the truth. The question is, are you doing these things? Are you preparing yourself to live the life you have always wanted? The one you’ve dreamed about. The one you are more than capable of living. Success is not only for certain people. It is something that anyone can achieve. Review  the list below and assess whether you posses these traits:

1. They Take Risks

They take risks in order to accomplish great things by pushing their fear to the side, and going after what they want. Noted in as Essence Magazine’s as one of the top 10 black entrepeneurs is Mrs. Valeire Daniels-Carter is the President and  CEO of  V & J Holding Companies which operates over 100 Burger King and Pizza Hutt locations in 4 states. Her and her brother took a risk after running one franchise of BK to now owning over 100! Now her company is the LARGEST African-American owned restaurant franchise operator in the U.S.

2. They Carry Themselves with Dignity & Class

They carry themselves as regal ladies! They take pride in their appearance, their health, and their presence. The First Lady is one of the best examples of this! Others include Nicole Ari Parker, Nia Long, Jada Pinkett Smith and Phylicia Rashad.

3. They Work Hard and Play Hard

They work extremely hard professionally, but also take time out to enjoy their personal time and take care of themselves. Sherri Shepperd wrote a whole book around this one called, Permission Slips: Every Women’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break where she shares her wisdom on allowing ourselves permission to relax and to make mistakes that we can learn from.

4.  They are Appreciators of their Culture

They acknowledge where the are form and the ways it shapes who they are as women and human beings. Melissa Harris Perry is a great advocate of this on national TV. Both Queen Latifah and Jill Scott also represent their ancestors well. Jill sings, I take charge of ship/Moving with my back and my hips/Like my ancestors did/Speaking the Bantu,Ranga and tonga.” And America Ferrara makes no bones about hers she says proudly, “Am I Latin? Am I American? What the hell am I? I love my culture and I’m very proud of my culture.”  

5. They Recognize Men Complement Not Complete Them

They are in positive and healthy relationships that compliment who they are! Angela Bassett and Jada Pinkett Smith do a great job of displaying this publicly for all to see. There also a number of everyday women we all know who also represent this well. For even more examples check out one of my favorite blogs,  Black and Married With Kids for great advice and tools.

6.  They Brand Themselves

They brand themselves so that they are memorable and stand out from the crowd! A host of women are doing this everywhere. Some of my favorites are Marshawn Evans (ME University) and Tory Sparks of Spark & Hustle.

7. They Know they are Fabulous & Empowered

They know they are regal realness women! Kimora Lee Simmons the queen of fabuloisty owns this, and we know she is nothing less than a powerhouse!

8. They Speak their Truth #Realness

They know they have a voice and thoughts that the world needs to hear. They do not hold their tongue and are affectionately known for “keeping it real” and telling our stories. Great examples are: Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Terry McMillan, bell hooks, Alice Walker, Bebe Moore Campbell, Toni Morrison, Soledad O’Brien, and Sonia Sanchez to name a few!

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Which of these do you need to do more of in order to become as successful as you want to be?


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