Settle For Less? I Think Not!


Why on Earth would anyone decide to take the supporting role?

But, then you think about how hard life can truly be. Is it truly easier to sit on the sidelines, and let life pass you by? Um…yes! That is easy. The hard work comes in becoming the STAR of your own show.

 Now I know struggle, strife, failure, and setbacks can leave people scarred for life, and ready to take the back seat. It takes heart, courage, and fearlessness to dust yourself off and try again. In reality, you can be in the lead role if you have a couple of scars because if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.

The truth is the spotlight is always ready for you even if you make mistakes and have a few bruises (not literally!).  

However, you don’t get to take the lead role without first working for it, and having something to show for it. If we compare where we are in our journey to someone else’s we may feel as though we are coming up short.

If we compare our beginning to someone’s middle it will always be impossible for us to step into our OWN center stage. I have to constantly remind myself of that as a young professional.  Where I am may not be where someone else is and vice versa. My journey may not be like your journey. Our stories may not be the same. Although, I do not know you I know you are a STAR! 

We have to start believing this about ourselves, and I mean early on in life like as children. We need to instill this into our young girls. Nothing pisses me off more then talking with someone, and they admit sometimes proudly and nonchalantly that they are settling for less than the best in their life, and they are okay with it. THIS IS NEVER OKAY! Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. And that is not the way to go. Your women’s intuition should be kicking up in high gear in these moments as well. I know mine does. Beep Beep: “Something is not right here!”…this is how my intuition starts going off!

 Bottom line: What I know for sure is that sometimes the supporting role is necessary, but I never will settle for being anything less than the lead in my OWN life.

We only get one life, and this one I choose to live:

Boldly. Beautifully. Brilliantly.

Regal Realness’s Slogan is my truth and yours too:

“Your crown is brought and paid for. All you must do is put it on.” – James Baldwin

Why do you think we choose to downplay taking the lead role in our lives?