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I am a product junkie! I have been trying out product after product for YEARS!!! Especially when it comes to my hair. For years, I struggled to find the right products to get the shine and defined curls I’ve always imagined. Not until now after a full year of intense and consistent trial and error have I found products that really work and make me look so regal!!!

I am hype in case you can’t tell! Finding the right products for your hair is not only a journey but it can be a challenge!!! I have found my new curly loves and in the process found out a great way to try out samples of products at a low cost! Without further ado allow me to introduce these products:

And of course I think you should give them a shot if you haven’t already!!! FYI girls, I am in no way shape or form being paid to share this experience or recommend these products. These are prodcts you may have or may have not seen before which will depend on your natural hair product knowledge (aka whether you are a junkie or not already!) Also, some of these products can be used on relaxed or natural hair, curly, kinky, or straight.

As I Am Products

Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner–Great for shampooing mid week with product build up!! It smells heavenly! I don’t use as a cowash though.


Curling Jelly– Love, love it!

It has defined my curls so well! I just love it…the texture is a little slimy and it should be washed out after about 2-3 days due to build up and possible flaking.

Looking to define your curls more? This is WORTH trying!


Curl Kit

My first one just arrived in the mail! This is a paid subscription for only $20 a month to get a box full of hair goodies! Some are sample and others are full sized products for you to try out and see how they work for your hair. It saves a ton of money, and it is a great way to sample products monthly. Here is a picture of the box I received which included: Crazy Sexy Cool Curls, Aunt Jackie Knot on My Watch Detangle Theraphy, Ur Curly Curl Enhancers, III Sisters of Nature Natural Lengthening Creme, Ily Beauty Adore Leave-In Conditioner, Nice and Curly Curl Me Up Curly Pudding, and a brown flower hair tie. So I will see how these products work for my curly top.

Get 10% off when you order, here is the code:

December 2012 CurlKit

December 2012 CurlKit


I tried the 100% Olive Oil and loved it too…it I use a mositurizer with it and it worked wonders. Sometimes I pair a little with the As I Am Curling Jelly and my curls really sing!!!  This is a really inexpensive product that works great with wash and gos.


Ultra Black Hair

UBH Deep Conditioner —Love it! It works wonders!! I can instantly feel the difference right after using it.

UBH Creme Satin Moisturizer– Love it too! I use this on a daily basis.

P.S. Plus I have the book too which is great info for having healthy hair!


Products I Still Want to Try:


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Have you used any of these? What were your results?

What are your favorite products?


  1. I just recently started using Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel.. But I only use it on my edges because it doesn’t do well with the rest of my hair. I’m going to try the Argan Oil next.

  2. I love the As I Am products!! The cowash is my main staple in my hair regiment. I decided to do a 3 months challenge of no heat on my natural hair. I only used conditioners to clean my hair & used protective hair styles. My hair grew in those 3 months!! I was surprised by the growth.

    My cleaning regiment: pre-cleanse with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration condish, cleansing w/ As I Am cowash condish, conditioner: Tresemmé moisturizing condish. This cleans my hair withou stripping it and my hair is absolutely soft!

    • Thanks for sharing! I want to give Tresemme a try. I always hear great things about it. I also started out going three months without heat, which was one of the best decisions I ever made.

  3. I absolutely love both Jane Carter and Shea Moisture products. Not sure if you’ve tried them by now but my favorites are the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. The former I use for daily on-the-go moisturizing and the latter I use for defined and poppin’ twist-outs.

    Thanks for the reviews! I’ve got some new products to try out.

    • I love Shea Moisture too and use their products daily. I really want to try Jane Carter. Per your recommendation I think I will try the nourish & shine sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!