Leave Your Baggage at the Door This Spring

bag lady

Please drop your baggage at the door girlfriend. I just realized that this weekend time will “spring forward” which means there is something new coming in the air. It is a time of new beginnings, second chances, and restarts. Why carry all of those bags into your next season?

I for one don’t want to. Like Erykah┬áBadu said in Bag Lady, “One day all them bags going to get in your way. So pack light.” As a new season approaches it is time for “spring cleaning.” Time to release everything that has been holding you down or holding you back especially if the new year has quite treated you the way you wanted so far.

Release the negative. Rid yourself of people who do not allow you to grow or who add no value. Only surround yourself with people who will take you higher (quoted: Oprah Winfrey). Make a point to clean out your inner closet just as much as the closet in your bedroom. Dust off your skills and passions for this new season like you would your coffee table. Vacuum up any piece of yourself that is less than it should be. Allow it to be sucked away from you just like you are cleaning your carpet.

I usually use a weekend to clarify and refocus what my goals are for the year. For example, when I am on vacation from work later this month I will take a day to use my method of cleaning which is writing to release and then renew by looking at my goals for the year and the progress I’ve made. You should use your own method of cleaning whether that be through dancing, song writing, painting, talking it through, etc to cleanse yourself for the new season.

When we let out the old, we make room for the new. What new is waiting for you?

You will never know, if you don’t let old stuff go!

What methods do you use to spring clean your life?


  1. I totally agree with packing light and letting go. What a wonderful blog to read as a reminder. Sporting cleaning had me blogging about a very similar train of thought a couple weeks ago http://exaltedpeacock.com/spring-cleaning/ I hope you’ll take a second to stop by and read it. Happy sharefest

    • Heather, thanks for taking time to read this post! I checked out your post as, well. I could really relate to what you were saying in that post. Thank you for being brave enough to share your personal experiences.