Realize You Have Limited Energy


By: Amber Genise of Pretty Blue Rose

My sister and I recently had an enlightening conversation that helped me crystallize some of my beliefs. [Disclaimer: I realize it’s easier to see faults in others than in yourself, so although the original conversation was about someone else, I am taking it to heart and looking in the mirror.]

We were talking about how and where we expend our energy. Basically, I subscribe to the notion that (1) we all have a finite amount of energy to expend everyday and (2) there are things you can change/influence and things you cannot. Putting these two concepts together means if you expend all or even most of your energy on things (or things about people!) you cannot change, you will run out of energy before you get to do the things you actually want to do.  That’s when frustration sets in…

On the flip side,  saving your energy to attend to what you want to change/influence means you can move towards fulfilling your dreams.  It’s not that folks who don’t live their dreams aren’t dreamers or that they aren’t trying–I now realize. It just may be that by the time they get to what they want to do, the day is over and they are exhausted (and that happens day after day after day…).

So when you find yourself frustrated, tired, and not making the progress you want, take notice of where you are expending your daily energy and quickly adjust as needed.

Stay inspired and enjoy the journey