Have You Watched the Red Lipstick Manifesta?

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union

I haven’t felt inspired like this in a long time! Just finished watching fellow blogger LC Johnson of www.coloredgirlconfidential.com¬†make history with her Red Lipstick Manifesta! It was beautiful, bold, and brillant. In her own words the manifesta is:

The Red Lipstick Manifesta is a love note to every career woman who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged or just plain not good enough; a love note to every woman has been told not to speak until she is spoken to… and then is never spoken to. Cheers to never giving up on yourself or your big, audacious dreams!

“If you believe, like I believe, that women – smart, sassy, determined, ambitious, perfectly imperfect colored women – have the power to change the world, to do work that they love, to dream a bigger dream than the one that has been handed to them,¬† then The Red Lipstick Manifesta was written and produced with you in mind.”

– LC Johnson

What would your mainfesta be to the world?