Should We Bow Down to Bey?


Beyonce recently released some song snippets for two songs “Bow Down/I Been On.” Both slightly differently but she professes boldly: “I took some time to live my life/But don’t think I’m just his little wife. Bow down B****”-Beyonce

Now, I don’t think it is necessary  to bow down to Bey because she is no better than you or me. I know it is entertainment. I get that. But, what I think is an important message is the fact that she declares that she is her own woman, and she had a life before became a wife. As a result, I know she is metaphorically using “bow down” to signify that it is to be noted that she did not have to wait until she got a man to become the woman of her dreams!

How many women do you know who wait around for a man in order to change their life or make a name for their self?

Often times women get into married life, relationships in general, or even a new man and lose themselves and their identities. On the flip side some women are waiting for the right man to come sweep them off their feet before they start living.

News flash: It doesn’t work that way. A real woman of confidence and caliber will get a life before she ever considers being any man’s wife! As women we have to define our own lives and get our own lives in order before we add others to it.

This is why it is important for us as women to get a life and maintain that life while we are loving and partnering with our men. Bey declares this for one reason or another I do not know. But, we know she is known for making bold assertions about women anyway so it really should come as no surprise.

Check the song out here. What do you think?


  1. Well, for one as I play the song my daughter is grooving like its the last song she’d ever hear! LOL Secondly, I think that people get married for a variety of reasons and the reasons you stated are definitely true too. I’m on the tip right now that if the song can make me feel GOOD, I really don’t care about the silly message the artist is trying to project. Music is what I interpret it to mean!!!!

    • LOL to your daughter! I agree it is what we each interpret it to mean! But, I also think there are some who really take to heart what an artist is saying.