Sisterhood: Why You Need Your Girls More Than Ever

Artist: Kalie Ciesemier

Artist: Kalie Ciesemier


Recently I have had the pleasure of spending quality time with women of all ages engaged in conversation, laughter, and truth. Although I am an only child, I have always been a sisterhood kind of girl. But, something about this past weekend made sisterhood seem like an even stronger necessity for me than before.

I am all for being your sister’s keeper because when I surround myself with women who are beautiful and brilliant in their own way—it is just feels so natural. It feels so right. It fuels my drive and allows me to let loose with others who understand.

This weekend that is how I felt, I attended a body wrapping party (body wraps detox your body and help you lose weight). There were women there from three generations. Some of us knew each other while others didn’t. It didn’t matter because we all recognized that we were some sister girls who had things in common.

We chatted and chewed the night away until we realized that we had been enjoying ourselves four hours after the party was supposed to end.

On the other hand, I had talked to a girlfriend from college and some other female friends recently who I hadn’t spoken to in a few weeks, and it hit me that we need our girls more than ever. It is great to be with your man or enjoy your work, but you need your sister friends there almost at all times.

No one else can understand you like another woman can, especially one who understands you and one you can be yourself with. Now, I get what author Toni Morrison meant when she said, “The loneliest woman in the world is the woman without a close woman friend.” There is truth in her wisdom!

To go through this life without a core group of women whether younger, same age, or older has got to be a struggle! It should be a crime (…okay maybe I took that too far), but it is a necessity for not only surviving but thriving. Who else will you bounce ideas off of? Who else will do some crazy mess with you and you can joke with them later about it later? Who else can you talk to candidly about men and have the same experiences to share? Where else will you hear golden wisdom from someone who has felt what you have felt and survived and thrived in similar shoes as you? Nowhere but in the presence of another woman!

I am convinced that sisterhood is the key to changing the world. When we are on each other’s side rather than at each other’s throats like we see on TV we can really make mountains move. We ourselves are better because being with other women helps recharge us regardless of age. Helps us know that we are not alone, and someone else out there has been there and done that already, so we shouldn’t worry. Helps step outside of our comfort zones to try new things because if she didn’t, so can we (of course this depends!)

I believe that friendships with women are not just something you have. It is something you do. Sisterhood is an action. The amount of time and energy we put out to obtain and maintain those relationships depends on us.

Sadly, I admit I get caught up in everyday life and don’t get to have girl’s night out or talk time every single day as often as I would like. I am declaring it today that I must do better at this. I am missing out on way to many laughs, a ship load full of wisdom from older women who could take me higher, and a ton of exchanges about womanhood, love, and living out our dreams.

I’ve learned my lesson. It is imperative that we bring sisterhood back into each of our lives if we are to survive this thing called life, and thrive confidently knowing someone has our back just as much as we have theirs.  

Do you value friendship and sisterhood? Why or why not?


  1. I realized I needed women in my life a few years back. Our sister girls are truly the glue that keeps us together. They understand when we cry for what seems like nothing and jump for joy at the smallest of things.