What Message Does the Life You Lead Send to Others?


Book by Margina Parker

On my way home from work today I stood behind a woman carrying a beautiful brown baby. The little girl looked up at me with big, brown eyes and I smiled her. She smiled back. In this moment it occurred to me that this child was looking at me not because I stood behind her mama, but also because that is what children do.

They look around for role models and good examples of women they can become. They mimic us, follow us when we speak, and try to teach them something new. But, they also sit back and watch us at all ages. They watch how we look, how we talk, how we dress, how we interact with others, how we handle life’s changes and challenges, and the list goes on! They observe our every move.

Now I see why women and men always say that once they had their children it changed them, and made them want to become better. Although, I am not ready for my first child I see what they mean. I felt it today too.

Although, the child I smiled at today was only around one years old something in me felt as though I just had to stand tall and proud like a confident woman as she smiled and looked me straight in the eyes like she knew me personally.

At this point in my life I have reached a certain level of confidence and comfort with my total self. It felt even more real when this child was staring me in my face waiting to see how I would react.

At any time you never know who may be looking at you a random baby in the store, your little nephew, or even a group of teenagers you teach everyday (that would be me!).

We have more influence then we believe. Even when we are still figuring our own selves out, people are watching us. If you really want to figure out where you are in your life start thinking about how good of a role model you are being in key areas of your life: body, relationships, career, faith, mind, and passions.  How are you living? Is each area at a level you would be proud that someone younger would be inspired to be better?

When you start to think of your life as something greater then yourself that is where you find purpose. This is where you live your passions, and where things fall into place. This is the place where you start to come into your own as a woman, and this is where influencing the next generation comes in. Success and confidence can be contagious if you wear it right.

 I smiled back at the baby knowing that she was looking at a woman who was wearing it right. I knew that she didn’t know that, but when she returned that smile she reassured me that this journey of life and self-discovery and self-love is not just about me. But, it is also about the other girls and woman that I can influence throughout this process to also live their best lives and see what a fulfilling life looks like whether they are too young to talk or going through a twenty something crisis.

The life we choose to lead not only has a profound effect on us, but it also shines a light on the energy we are putting out into the world.

I want to hear from you:

  • Do you think you are leading an admirable life?
  • Have you ever felt this way in the presence of children or after having children?