The #1 Reason Why Things Aren’t Going as Planned

Frustrated Woman

A confident woman recognizes the need to have a vision for her life, and she recognizes that she must work her vision in order for it to come true. [Tweet This!]

 There is nothing I hate more than something not going as planned. I admit I am not a “go with the flow” type of girl, and I never think I will be. The funny part is when it comes to life there are some things I have control over, and other things I don’t.

The #1 reason why things don’t go as planned is 1) nature and 2) lack of vision. In life, we can’t control everything. But, what we can control we should! If you are lacking a vision for the TRUE path your life should be on then even minor speedbumps in the road will not hurt you or throw you off course.

When you have a vision for where you are headed, and where you are supposed to be then it becomes less important why it’s not going as you planned. It becomes more important to get clear and focused about where you want your life to be instead.

When clarity and focus are gained, confidence is restored within fueling you to take action!

It is one thing to have a vision for your life, but it is another thing to have a vision and then work the hell out of it until you get the life you want. After all, a goal is just a wish without a plan [Tweet This!]


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I want to hear from you below:

  • Would you agree?
  • What other factors might contribute to why things don’t go as planned?
  • What role do you think confidence plays in planning for your life?



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