Top 14 Empowering & Inspiring Black Women to Follow Online in 2013 (Part I)


When other women work hard, preserve, and succeed they show us that there is hope, there is possibility, and there is so much more to life. They inspire us by making their dreams come true, and they empower us by sharing their journeys (the good, bad, and the ugly), and keeping it real with us. For this they are admired and revered. Each woman selected has found success in their own niche, and have influenced thousands of women of color! So, without further ado, here is my list of the top 14 Black women (in no particular order) to follow online if you want to stay empowered, inspired, educated, and enlightened daily:

1.Shalena Broaster, Shalena D.I.V.A.


Mission: Empowers women to Discover, Invest, Value, and Appreciate their God-given talents so they can pursue their dreams.

How She Empowers: Provides daily morning prayer calls, offers Passion Academy with Aprille Franks-Hunt to help women find and pursue their purpose, uplifts teenage girls in her community, and has new book, Fire Your Friends: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Her Own Best Friend.

Get Inspired:  and read my interview with her!


2. Demetria Lucas, A Belle in Brooklyn


Mission: Go-to-girl on dating, relationships, and single living.

How She Empowers: Offers words of wisdom and real talk through writing about her experiences, relationships, society, culture, and life through various media outlets such as: Essence, Clutch, and The Root. Demetria is also a life coach and author of the best seller, A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to-Girl on Living Your Best Single Life.  

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3. LC Coleman, Colored Girl Confidential


Mission: Offers career and life advice to women of color. Hopes to help women find balance and grace amidst the chaos that we sometimes find in our lives.

How She Empowers: Weekly articles with career and life advice, inspiring viral Youtube video, Red Lipstick Manifesta, and The Colored Water Fountain, an online community for ambitious women striving to build their careers and companies.

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4. Abiola Abrahams, Passionista’s Playbook & Love University


Mission: Gives advice about self-esteem & wellness, dating & relationships, empowerment & how to live with passion.

How She Empowers: Pens a love column in Essence Magazine and several publications, makes appearances in documentaries and TV shows, offers life coaching, has written several books including The Official Bombshell Handbook set to release this year, and blogging on her website.

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5. Jenell Stewart, Kinky Curly Coily Me!


Mission: Educate and support women on their natural hair journey.

How She Empowers: Offers informative blog post with how-to’s, products reviews, and videos to educate women on natural hair. Offers natural hair consultation and is frequently booked for natural hair shows, events, and meet-ups. Allows women to ask questions about their hair and allows her supporters to offer feedback on Facebook. Monthly offers multiple giveaways.

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6.Sunshine Malone, Sunshine’s Natural & Loving It


Mission: Share natural hair journey with other women whether they are new or veteran naturalistas.

How She Empowers: Offers bloggers opportunities to submit blog post, attends and host events for the natural hair community, sells apparel with her logo and natural hair sayings, and promotes fitness and health, and displays hair style inspirations daily.

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7. Kim Foster, For Harriet


Mission: Provide online community for women of African descent to engage in honest dialogue about the complexities of Black womanhood.

How She Empowers: Offers women the opportunity to read and/or submit engaging, timely, and thought-provoking articles about black womanhood that spark much needed conversations amongst women on three different websites: For Harriet (Celebrating the Fullness of Black Womanhood), Shine (Where Black Women Take Center Stage), and Soar (Elevating the Creative Brilliance of Black Women)

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8. Sophia Nelson, Black Women ReDefined


Mission: Help African American women redefine their lives and debunk myths that seek to hold them back

How She Empowers: Writes empowering commentary for publications like Essence, penned book, Black Women Redefined: Dispelling Myths and Discovering Fulfillment in the Age of Michelle Obama, and engaging thousands via social media with uplifting quotes and thought-provoking tweets.   

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9. Melissa Kimble, My Creative Connection


Mission: Unite and highlight women of color’s journey to success through storytelling

How She Empowers: By sharing stories and experiences of women that motivate readers on similar journeys to success, offering informative webinars, and opportunities for women connect and share their stories in a variety of categories.

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10.   Erika Nicole Kendall, Black Girl Guide to Weight Loss


Mission: Offer women practical advice and tips to successfully begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle

How She Empowers: Offers relevant blog post, recipes and meal plans, exercise ideas, and commentary that connects weight loss back to black culture, sex, beauty, and body image.

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11.   Gina McCauley, What About Our Daughters


Mission: Provide commentary that sparks dialogue about black women and girls

How She Empowers: Offers unapologetic, uncompromising, and unbowed commentary in defense of black girls and women in the media that makes you think twice about the media you intake daily.

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12.   Arian Simone, Fearless Magazine


Mission: Inspire women to life fearlessly and go after what they want

How She Empowers: Creator of Fearless Magazine which documents people’s journeys of overcoming trials and fears including her own journey, fearless T-Shirt line, a vlog via Youtube, and the opportunity to meet and mingle with celebrities by joining her A-List club as a one-time opportunity, monthly connection, or annual experience.

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13.   Melissa Hibbert, SHEEQ Cosmetics


Mission: Offers everyday woman and celebrities of color an exquisite beauty experience

How She Empowers: Sells products such as foundation, concealer, and make-up brushes created by her using her beauty expertise for women of color, and shares her work and inspirational tidbits via social media

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14.   Rosetta Thurman, Happy Black Woman


Mission: Encourage women to live their ideal lives

How She Empowers: Writes enlightening blog post regularly, offers Life Mapping Workbook to women who join her e-mail list, sells her 31 Days to Reset Your Life Book, offers personal coaching sessions, speaks to groups of women around the world, host HBW Happy Hours and Boot Camps, and has a Happy Black Women T-Shirt to remind women of the need to live their ideal life.  

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I want to hear from you!

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  • Which women are you going to look more into?
  • Who would you add to my list? ( Response may be added to future post)
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  1. I just stumbled upon this blog and I absolutely love what you are doing to help our fellow women. I am all about empowering and uplifting and it seems like we as a whole need to do more of it. I thank you for taking the initiative to keep it going.

    I look forward to staying in touch and reading everything you have to offer. Thank you. Kim

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    • Thanks Kim! You are actually our Fan of the Week! (Please see below at the bottom of this page!) Thank you for believing in the mission and vision of Regal Realness. I am now following you. Please join the Regal Girl Mailing List to stay in the loop.

  2. Tamara Suell says:

    Jenell Stewart is very inspiring, she offer a great page on facebook-Kinky, Curly , Coily Me- that encourages women to take care of their natural hair. I visit her page daily for tips and tutorials.

  3. Stephanie Brown says:

    Great article. I am an alumni of the Passion Academy and proud of it! So much to discover about oneself! These sistas are really DOIN’ IT FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!! Love it!

  4. Awesome list, I met Sophia at a book signing and was very impressed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Coach Kiana says:

    I LOVE this article!!!!! Uplifting, non-competitive and informative!!! Congrats ladies! ShalenaDIVA, I have been following you for a while so this is really good to see about you! I’m on the west coast so I can’t always catch the prayer call live but I LOVE the replays!

    • Kiana, it is so important for women of color to uplift and promote one another. Happy you found Shalena, she is truly an awesome and powerful sistah doing her thing.

  6. Heather Lindsey @HeatherLLove should delinately be on this list. Her twitter and more so her instagram page are so intimate daily. She is a business woman, author and teacher and pastor’s wife. She founded Pinky Promise and is an active blogger. She also has an online store of clothes and jewellery and accessories. Heather is also a healthy eating militant and always posts up food and cookery advice.

    • Thanks for sharing! I checked Heather’s website out, and she is amazing. Not sure why I never heard of her, but thank you so much for sharing!

  7. NICE! Thanks for sharing this! I would love to chat with you and some of the ladies on the BrightGirls in Business Podcast. Let me know if you are interested. I am a huge proponent for women of color in business and my business caters to minority women entrepreneurs.

    • Hey Chanelle! Thanks for reading. I would love to learn more about BrightGirls! Looking forward to connecting soon.

      • Great!! I will let you know when the first podcast airs. I’m recording today. In the meantime you can check out the blog. Chat with you soon! :-)

  8. A friend shared this post and I just had to stop by and read it. I will admit I really didn’t know many on the list . . . just two however, I am spending time clicking links and getting to know them all. Also, I will be adding this blog as one I need to read as well.

    • I am so glad you stopped by to read this post. Happy to know you are learning about some new positive and empowering women online. I will be checking out your blog, as well.

  9. Great list! I already follow a few of these lovely ladies…gonna have to check out the rest!

  10. Thanks for sharing this list I follow most of the women here and I absolutely agree that they are each fabulous and very inspiring.

  11. Thank you for including What About Our Daughters on your list. I’m honored.

  12. To All Black Women…

  13. You’re amazing! Thank you for including me in such a beautiful post. xoxo

  14. I would love to add myself to the line up! :-)

    Mission: To give women Hope, Inspiration, Motivation, and Transformation!

    How She Empowers: She has a women empowerment blog where she not only gives uplifting advice but features other women entrepreneurs to give them that platform. She is an Author and Self Publisher and uplifts women through her advice, life struggles, and experiences. She also started her very own Hair Care Line ” Haircredible” and shows how she builds her beauty empire every step of the way.

    Get Inspired: , ,

  15. Thanks for sharing such a great list. I knew of Rosetta from Happy Black Woman, but I didn’t know of all the others. So I’m glad I’ll be able to check them out. I also checked out LC’s video of Red Lipstick Manifesto. Its so awesome I plan on sharing it on my website. It’s great to have lists highlighting people who are doing great and empowering things. You have inspired me. I am now thinking of ways to list empowering folks on my website as well. It’s just a great thing! Continued success in all you do.

  16. Love this thanks for sharing… be sure to check out my island girl blog