5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Jay-Z



Jay-Z recently made headlines for selling one million records in one week of his new cd, Holy Grail, a month before its official release date. Most will boast that Jay has swag, but if you have ever actually heard this man speak you would know that he is one smart brother. His business sense, strategic thinking, and confidence is undeniable and has caused him to not only make millions but to build several empires that will allow him to leave one heck of a legacy.

Whether you are feeling my favorite rapper or not, there is much to learn from Shawn Jay-Z Carter; if we took a few notes from his notepad you might be surprised at the lessons we could learn to enrich and empower our own lives. Here are five life lessons that anyone can learn from Hov to live a more confident and shall I say more lucrative life:


1.  Be Your Own Business, Man

Jay is known for his famous lyric, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” He doesn’t lie with this line. He has been known to leverage his success in ways that many others in the music industry only dream of. This side of him is directly from the confidence he has on his own ability to be and do whatever it is he sets his mind to. He believes he is a business man and he is the belief in himself to continuously cut deals and introduce new ideas to multiple platforms whether it is in sports and music. It is how he sold 1 million records in 1 week. He thought he could, and he did.


2. Network and Partner with Like-Minded People

He was able to sell 1 million in 1 week because of his business smarts but because he partnered with Samsung to make it happen. Samsung will be delivering his album to cell phone carriers three days before the official release. This goes to show that when we connect with people who are like minded that we win every time. It is true what they say, “Iron sharpens iron.”  Both Jay-Z and Samsung will benefit from this partnership.


3.  Market Yourself as a Brand (Even If You Are Not a Celeb)

When you hear Jay-Z’s name you have an idea of what you will be getting from him. Similar when you hear his wife’s name you already have an idea of what to expect because you know her brand. Both have managed to build very strong brands that have propelled both to stardom. Even if you aren’t looking to be famous building your own personal brand around yourself, business, side hustle, or gifts will propel your voice in any industry. If you want to be the best in your field, build a brand and then work it! There are tons of websites, webinars, and even coaches to help you make this a reality. The first step is to define your niche and build a blog or website. 

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  2. Listen to Jay’s music and you’ll get more than 5 lessons. Good post tho


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