Stop Telling Your Bizness…


Bizness 1

So you and Jerome just got into an argument and you need someone to talk too. You don’t want to talk to HIM because he made you so made you think you might burst if he says another word. So what do you do? Call your girlfriend Misty; yes, she will allow you to vent out all your frustrations and give you the bias support you are seeking at this moment. You don’t necessarily want someone to tell you the real, you need someone to confide in that will be on your side – support YOU in being right! Well my darling, let me just say you are taking some real big risk the moment you utter one word from you lips to someone else about your relationship woes.

 Bizness 2

Jennifer didn’t realize what Misty had in store until it was too late. She kept telling Misty all her personal bizness with Jerome – the good, the bad and the ugly. But what she didn’t realize is Misty had a motive for listening to all of Jennifer’s problems, she was planning on making Jerome her own and what better way to bet an opponent than for them to personally give you the information needed for you to create a blueprint to taking away their man from them. Misty knew all the voids Jerome was feeling in his relationship to Jennifer and Misty came right in and filled them up. By the time Jennifer realized what happened, Misty and Jerome had moved in together and were jointly filing a restraining order against her to make sure she would stay away from both of them – Misty not only stole Jerome but played the “crazy ex-girlfriend” card and made sure Jennifer could not come back at her.


Bizness 3

How about Robin and Russell? Robin would run to her best-friend Dana and give her the entire scoop about Russell but Dana had a different plan; misery loves company and Dana was feeling kind of lonely so she wanted Robin to join her in the bitterness club. Well, it didn’t take long for Dana to put her plan into action, in fact, a phone call changed Robin and Russell’s relationship – Dana played a voice recording of a conversation between her and Robin and Russell heard some choice words from Robin’s mouth causing him to pack up and leave that night. Well, as usual, Robin ran to Dana and told her everything; it would take 10 years for Dana to come clean about what she had done to Robin. Astonished and hurt beyond belief, Robin ended their friendship and realized she may have missed out on the best man in her life because she ran her damn mouth too much.



Before I got married, my husband and I went through counseling with our pastor and the first thing he told us was to keep people (especially family and friends) out of your bizness. When you are fighting and you go and run your mouth to those closets too you, you are making a huge mistake because once you and your significant have worked out the issue(s) those you have told will (and most often then do) hold a grudge or try to break up or break into the relationship. If you have an issue with your spouse, your boyfriend/girlfriend the best thing you can do is talk to him/her and let the details of your situation go no further than you and your partner. I employ you to stop telling your bizness, it’s a blank chick move and you may come to regret the choice you made to divulge your bizness.


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