Friend Mix: 6 Types of Friends Every Woman Needs in Her Life


Do you have the right mix of friends in your circle? Is your circle diverse or do you have all-purpose friends?

I was scrolling through my daily reading and ran across an article by Valorie Burton “Conversation Starter: 6 Types of Friends You Need” and immediately my antennas went on high alert. I’m thinking, “This should be interesting.” It was! 

As I am reading the article I’m mentally evaluating my friendship circle in my head, writing notes next to their names, and circling our mutual interests. I’m not sure how you choose the people that you invite into your circle and forge true friendships with, but as for me I choose them very carefully.

Why? Because I value my friendships just as I value any other aspect of my life. I have an investment in them just as any other investment i.e. relationships, partnerships, business ventures. It may sound crazy to some, but not to me. That’s just the type of person that I am.


Let me cut to the chase, so here are the 6 type of friends Valorie Burton says every woman needs:

  • The Wise Friend-this friend can always help you solve your latest dilemma or talk you out of something you’ll regret.
  • The Fun Friend-this friend always has a good time, is adventurous, or will make you laugh ‘til your stomach hurts.
  • The Travel Buddy-this friend is adaptable, adventurous, and loves to see the world.
  • The Relationship Coach– this friend is transparent, listens, and helps you figure out things in the love department and wants to see you happy.
  • The Career Comrade-this friend shares similar career goals as you and encourages each other.
  • The Accountability Partner-this friend helps you to maximize your potential and keeps you on track.

After I finished reading the article I thought back to that mental picture of my friendship circle that I had been drawing in my head. OMG, Valorie’s article was on point with my circle of friends, just labeled differently.


Here is the 6 type of friends that I have: 

  • The All-a-Round Chick-she talks me out doing what I know I shouldn’t be doing and keeps me grounded with her all-purpose advice.
  • The Party Chick-she stays up on the latest go-to places, parties, and events in the city and has all the connections to get us in.
  • The Adventure Chick-she loves to site see and is not afraid to travel around the world. She looks for all the deals because she knows that although I love to travel I’m frugal at the same time. J
  • The Nurturer Chick-she is the most transparent, think outside the box, let your guard down woman that I know. When I go to her with my relationship issues she gives me the good, the bad, and the ugly never passing judgment and never taking sides. 
  • The Mentor/Mentee/Results Chick-we share the same passion, some of the same dreams, and she helps me stay on track with the goals that I set. I can bounce ideas off her and vice versa.
  • The Fashionista Chick-is savvy with all the latest fashion trends, a great fashion consultant and my favorite shopping buddy.

I absolutely love the Friend Mix that I have because we have forged great friendships, healthy bonds and we get the most out of the investment we put into each other.

 Regal Resource: Emotional Nudity: The Types of Women I Always Avoid by Jai Stone

I want to hear from you:

  • Who’s In Your Friend Mix?
  • Have you ever had to let any of your friends go?
  • What type of friends do you need to gain to expand your mix?


  1. I love this! I never thought of my friendships this way, interesting read!

  2. I am missing a travel buddy. But that is a smart list.

  3. Interesting read, never really thought about so many categories.

  4. Nice post! It’s definitely good to have at least one girlfriend in each category. You can get various perspectives and stay grounded! It looks like I need to add a Party Chick to my mix. Mmmm… I wonder what kind of friend my besties would say I am. I feel like I fit into a few of the categories lol