Is Your Lack of Confidence Affecting your Ability to Date?



After several conversations with a single girlfriend lately, one thing became very clear. Some of the women that appear extremely confident and self assured are anything but. On the outside, she may appear confident to the point of arrogance. Someone who would not put up with crap from anyone, least of all a man!

Behind closed doors with her close friends, that same woman turns into an insecure little girl needing constant reassurance. The woman you thought had it all together is suddenly second guessing everything she says or does because of a man. Heaven forbid he takes too long to respond to a text or a phone call, immediately she is jumping to a negative conclusion. He doesn’t like her; he is just not interested; he only wants sex….the list goes on and on.

How exactly does this happen? We put up these walls for appearance sake when in reality, we need to forget the walls and work on the foundation. Instead of focusing on every single thing you feel is wrong with you, try focusing on everything that is right!

It’s really very simple actually, a mans interest or non interest, does not define who you are as a woman. Believing it does affects your self esteem while his world continues to revolve in oblivion. For just a moment, forget about some guy and get to the root of the problem.

The first step is to stop comparing yourself to other women, you are a one of a kind original, and there is no comparison. If you are being who you are truly meant to be at your core, you will automatically be different from others. Those features make you unique, make you stand out from the crowd. Forget trying to fit in, instead let go, shine in your own light and embrace all the possibilities of truly believing in yourself and your dreams in life.

Once you have truly accepted that who you are right now deserves self love first, the rest will follow. It may be cliché, but if you don’t love yourself, how do you expect anyone else to love you in the manner you truly desire? Of course there may be things about yourself that you want to change, that does not change the fact that accepting who you are comes first. The more you embrace the woman you are, the easier it will be to take the necessary steps to change any self perceived flaws. Of course allowing all of these things to happen will open the doors for the type of relationships, friendships and career moves you would like to see happen in a positive and enlightening fashion. Life is meant to be enjoyed, every step of the way!

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I Want to Know:

  • Have you ever reflected on how your confidence effected your relationships?
  • What is helping or helped you build more confidence with yourself and relationships?
  • What advice would you give to a woman who was struggling with this?