Get Fitted Right: How to Find the Right Bra Size


Recently, I went bra shopping and found myself trying on about 10 different bras and lawd knows it was a struggle at times because I had no clue what I should be looking for. After losing 60 pounds I am in need of new clothes from head to toe including new bras, however, I never felt like I quite mastered the whole art of the perky, comfy on a normal day bra experience that I figured I should have. Bra fittings don’t even seem to work for me either nor do I feel like they offer them enough where I live.

After scouring the web for some answers I stumbled upon a statistic over on that I have heard before, but it never really hit me until now, 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra. So I know good and well that this is some advice you could probably use too on your next visit to the bra section.

As we all know a woman who wears a good bra feels more confident instantly! Who wouldn’t want to feel a boost that gave you that sexy, extra goodness feeling? No girl I know would resist wearing the right fit bra…the benefits are worth it!

A good bra could cause you to instantly drop about 5-10 pounds, too!

A good bra will also make you feel oh-so-sexy and confidence will show as soon as you slip that bad boy on!

A good bra will perk those twins up and make you look 10x better in any outfit you are wearing!

A good bra that fits well all the way around can eliminate that annoying back fat that loves to ooze out sometime.


 Instant confidence boost on the inside which will equate to you working it and looking stunning on the outside!

It’s a win-win situation!

A girl should always have the “right” fit bra and feel cute and comfy at the same time. So how do you find the perfect fit? I turned to the experts for this and here is what I discovered to build that boobie confidence up and get the right fit:

Regal Resource: Use these as alternatives and/or additions to the video: Bra Fit Calculator #1   Bra Fit Calculator #2  Bra Fit Calculator #3

(They will all give you different totals, however it can still help you narrow it down. However, the best way is to try them on in different sizes and styles before you buy!)

I Want to Hear From You:

  • Have you been wearing the wrong size bra?
  • Where do you find the best, right fit bras at in your area?
  • Any tips you have for finding the right bras?
  • What has been your experience with finding the right fit?


  1. I’m in the boat with you, Taria! None of my clothes fit right. NONE! And, I refuse to buy any clothes until I’m closer to my goal weight. (I’m looking forward to that shopping spree around Christmas time!)So, I’ll have to be lumpy, frumpy, and oversized for now. BUT, I look forward to getting the right size bra! When the girls are looking right, you just feel good about yourself! My girls don’t like to sit up after breastfeeding. The struggle! Thanks for this post!

    • Yes, when you lose weight it is so frustrating that your clothes and bras don’t fit anymore although it is a good thing! The irony. lol But, I feel you and where you are coming from.

  2. First of all, congrats on the weight loss!! That’s awesome. Secondly, I know I wear the wrong bra. I knowingly will buy a bra that doesn’t fit. They make my boobies look good so I figure why not.

  3. A good bra can change your whole disposition. Recently I gave up on Victoria Secret’s bras – cheap and ill fitting. Back to JCP I go.