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When I started Regal Realness a year ago I started with the vision that it would empower, inspire, educate, and encourage women of color to live their ideal lives confidently and fabulously. If you agree and enjoy this site, please click hereand leave a COMMENT in which you nominate

Please explain why the site should beĀ on their radar, how you use it in your life and why it deserves to make the 2013 list of The 100 Best Websites For Women. Our deadline is Friday, August 16.

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  • Discuss what you learn from reading the site
  • What posts inspire you the most
  • Mention the giveaways
  • Discuss the vision board challenge
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  • Why the website is necessary or empowering

FYI: Here is the mission of Regal Realness, in case you want to mention it: Regal Realness is a premier lifestyle blog that empowers women of color to build and radiate confidence from the inside out, and come into their own in all areas of their lives.
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