Swag Won’t Pay Any Bills, But Got Damn These 4 Men Make My Eyes Go Cha-Ching


Cha-ching as if I hit the lottery. I know swag won’t pay any bills. I will be the first one to tell anyone that. But, if you happen to come across a fine specimen of a man whose confidence is king and his presence is golden then it doesn’t hurt to look. My best girlfriend and I took a day trip up to New York this past week, and everywhere we turned there were beautiful specimens especially of black men. She would turn to me and say, “When are we moving to New York?” and we would laugh. Sounds a bit high school I will admit but you would have to be there to see what she meant. As our day winded down we were graced by the presence of a man with dreadlocks (we personally love them), and he was fine! She said it reminded her of a warrior for some reason. I reminded her that all women want to have a man in their life that is “warrior-esque” in some way because it makes you feel protected and secure.

There is just something about a man with confidence that makes you say “oooweeee.” Although his swag won’t pay any bills, refer to my post on the only two types of men in the world (you will learn that this type is more than likely a B), it doesn’t hurt to give your eyes the time of their life sometime whether you are single, dating, or married! You aren’t blind girl! Confident women have fun to ya know!

Here are the top 4 confident men that make my eyes go cha-ching (and yes you will notice that I am a fan of chocolate):

1. Denzel Washington


2. Michael Ealy


3. Idris Elba  


4. Morris Chestnut


I Want to Hear From You:

  • Who would be on your list?
  • Are you normally attracted to an A or a B type of guy?
  • Have you ever met a man with swag who also held his own and paid the bills?