The Art of Flirting: How to Recapture Love From Your Mirror to Your Man


Let’s get something straight. No one likes to be ‘that’ girl. You know the desperate one whose legs are open 24 hours just to get some attention. Then there’s the shy girl who covers up and hides behind a wall of emotions, thus is often disregarded and lonely. Finally there is everyone in-between who is sophisticated at work, a slut on Saturday, and a saint on Sunday just asking God ‘Lord where is my man?”

What happened to simply loving yourself enough that your spirit gleams from your eyes? What happened to powerful sensual walks that gave a peek-a-boo show of what you’re all about? What happened to inviting men into your perception of beauty with class, instead of him just getting some ass? It’s time to reform ourselves and let men know that having us is worth living for, only if they are worthy of what we have to give.

Alright ladies let’s spread those legs, twerk that booty, gloss those lips and get ready for the time of our lives. That’s what Miley Cyrus and minions are advertising to us as what beauty is. Simply because it makes us ‘unique’ and abnormally ‘unladylike’, this is regaled by some men who are looking for a girl to have fun with not a woman to settle with.  So are we all left to ‘turn up’ and toss our dignity aside just to flag down the last available decent man?  No! Let’s adopt the mind frame of a harlot and not the actions.

The promiscuous woman flaunts her body effortlessly leaving little to the imagination, because she looked in the mirror and believed in her beauty. Therefore when she walks down the street men are attracted to what she leaves hanging out for them and her confidence to do so.  We have to embrace our features from the curves around our waist to the curve of our smile and show the power of our beauty in the way we accentuate our features. For the sake of your confidence stare at yourself in the mirror only to admire the features of your face, body and spirit that you love.

Upon doing so you will accept your flaws, but moreover the combinations of exquisite features that only you possess.  Lastly take care of yourself! This means treating yourself to shopping sprees, getaways, dinners, and a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing a man can give you that you cannot give yourself, accept a loyal companionship that is the completion of your spirit. Some of us are a bit of control freaks to the point where we cannot decide the kind of man we want, because we have not decided how beautiful we are.

Shy girls…let’s talk. When a woman is introverted she fears the possibility of potential love, because that will take her life out of her control. Everything from the way she dresses to the way she speaks is timid and appears unapproachable.  By doing so she over-shadows the woman she truly is inside and more importantly the sensuality that illuminates from her soul.  In order to not feel like she is losing her self-worth or control, control the sensuality that potential partners see. Make men see the features outside of your body and attract their intellect before they ravish your body. In time your confidence will be exhumed from the depths of unnecessary shame and it will challenge men to pursue you, because your confidence will be too much to handle.

For all of those women who fit somewhere in the middle – take some personal inventory and figure out what kink has stopped you from flirting, but leaving the impression of being too easy or too reserved. Face it – men are visual first, if you look like every other woman (over-done make-up, clothing that leave nothing to the imagination, etc.) you’re going to give the impression all the other “ladies”who look like you do –she’s fun to play with but can’t take her home to mom. If you’re dressed like the neighborhood, schoolmarm or standing with a scowl on your face that clearly leads some man broke my heart and I’m still pissed – why do you think you only see the skid marks his shoes made as the dust clears from him avoiding you and going in the opposite direction?

There’s an art to flirting – you demonstrate you’re a lady by showing the meticulous amount of care it took you to enhance your natural beauty: make-up applied appropriately, hair-styled to fit your face, clothing to fit your body type, nails and feet manicured, and a strong sense of purpose, self-being and just how beautiful you are on the inside and out – confidence! Remember that we are not meant to be statues of virtue nor are we meant to be vulgar. Confidence in yourself will naturally attract your love to the true beauty of your core. Remember that we are no longer the women our mothers or grandmothers were. We are redefined as figures of powerful sensuality to control our own universe including the matters of our heart.

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I Want to Know:

  • What is the hardest part about flirting for you?
  • What holds you back from flirting?
  • Do you agree that we have lost the art of flirting in our society?