Does Your Panty Drawer Need a Makeover? 6 Types of Underwear Every Woman Should Own


There are certain staples that every woman should own.  A tube of lipstick. A pair of sexy stilettos. Comfy sneaks. Yoga pants. A basic white tee and classic stud earrings to name a few.  But have you ever thought about what types of underwear are a must have?

Believe it or not – there are certain styles of underwear every girl should make sure she has in her panty drawer. Yeah – I know. Underwear is a private thing. Who am I to tell you what kind to wear?  After all, I’m not seeing them.

But think of it like this: although your underwear isn’t seen as much as your clothes, it’s still important to make sure you take as much pride in what covers your lady parts as you do your other clothes. And believe it or not, many women either wear the wrong type of underwear or they’re stuck in an underwear rut. You know what I’m talking about. How many times have you seen women wearing low rise jeans or pants with their panties bulging out at the top when they sit down or bend over? Or maybe you’ve seen someone wearing a tight dress over panties that are digging into her skin. Or maybe you’re in a style rut when it comes to your underwear. Have you been wearing the same style for years? Or rotating through the same 10 pairs?

Some may be thinking that “Well I’m not dating anyone so why bother thinking about my panties.” Or “I’m married. My husband likes whatever underwear I have on as long as it’s coming off.” Well that may be true in some cases, but ladies, I urge you to put the men aside and think about how you feel in your underwear. Do you feel comfortable? Sexy? Ready to take on the world? Putting on a great pair of underwear is like wearing a great outfit – it can lift your mood and give you a great boot of confidence. It’s like having a little secret under your clothes that only you know about.


So here are five types of underwear that every woman should have in her drawer.

1.   Bikini Cut

You can’t go wrong with bikini cut underwear. They’re a classic shape that’s comfortable and provides just the right amount of coverage while still maintaining a sexy shape. Bikini cut underwear usually comes in two options: bikini and string bikini. The main difference between the two is the width of the sides.

2.   Cheeksters/Cheekies

Cheeksters have been made famous over the last couple years by lingerie giant Victoria Secret. As the name suggests, this type of underwear shows a little bit of cheek while still providing comfort and coverage at the hips and butt. Put these on when you want to spice up your day and still feel like you’re wearing underwear as opposed to the next underwear must-have.


3.   Thongs/G-string

 Although thongs seem to be the preferred style of underwear that men like to see on women no thanks to Sisqo’s 1999 single the “Thong Song,” for some women, the thought of nothing covering their lovely lady lumps can be a bit uncomfortable. But every woman should still own at least one pair of thongs or g-string underwear for the simple reason that it hides panty lines. The main difference between these two styles is the amount of coverage offered.

I know some women say that there is nothing wrong with panty lines – that you should have panty lines because it means you’re wearing underwear, I respectfully disagree. There is a time and place for them. And when you’re wearing a curve hugging dress or dress pants, panty lines are not what you want people to see or focus on. Especially when they are cutting into your butt and you get what looks like four butt cheeks. Not flattering. You want a sleek look when wearing body hugging clothes. So even if you think it’s butt floss, find a comfortable style that you like when you need to hide your panty lines.


4.   No-Show Seamless

Since I know that some sistahs are not ever gonna put on a thong or g-string no matter the circumstance because they find them extremely uncomfortable, the next best option is the seamless no-show panty. This type of underwear normally comes in a comfortable stretchy fabric made up of a rayon microfiber, nylon and/or spandex blend. They provide full coverage and will eliminate the dreaded underwear lines under most (but not all) clothing. Because of their comfort and flexibility, they are also great to wear while getting your workout on.


5.   Boy shorts

Boyshorts are the ultimate full coverage panties. They are pretty much like tight shorts that can be worn underneath almost any outfit. Since they are similar to shorts, they are usually low-rise. Many women love boy shorts because of its versatility. You can wear them under jeans, dresses, athletic gear, and you can wear them to lounge around in with a t-shirt or cami.


6. Lace

While lace is a fabric and not a type of underwear, it’s still worth mentioning.

I love lace. Whether it’s in shirts or dresses or underwear.

One of the reasons why I love lace so much is because of its ability to be both sexy and feminine. It just gives every woman that extra Va Va Va Voom. So when you go shopping to revamp your underwear drawer, make sure you pick out something lacey.


I Want to Hear From You:

  •     What’s your favorite/must have type of underwear?
  •      Is there anything on this list that you absolutely disagree with?






  1. lace boyshorts! love ’em

  2. i love boyshorts and lace.
    comfy amd sexy!

  3. High leg briefs all day every day for me! And I’m a bloke ha ha! Can’t get enough of my ever growing knicker drawer!!!