How to Exude Sexual Confidence the Right Way


There is a very fine line between being sexually confident and going too far. It is all about learning your comfort zone. What makes you feel sure of yourself; confident in who you are? The problem is that oftentimes women have a hard time separating all their perceived flaws from reality. Sure you may have a muffin top or cellulite in your thighs, but that does not mean you should be any less confident in who you are as a woman. All women are beautiful in their own unique way.

Believe it or not one of the main things men find sexy in a woman is her confidence. Because we do not all know and accept that belief, women with loving men in their lives sometimes push them away with all their insecurities in themselves.

It is simply a matter of learning to accept and love who you are, flaws and all. Choose clothing that accents your positives, the things that make you feel extra confident. Perhaps you have amazing long legs that you are extremely proud of; show them off! Why are you hiding those arms you have been working so hard on toning just right?

The idea is to find things that make you feel sure about who you are as a woman and the power that holds! Somehow that has to be done without compromising who you are. Too often women think sexy means tight or exposed clothing that may not be suitable in certain environments, like work. It’s a matter of perspective. If you are questioning yourself and having second thoughts, it is probably not the right outfit, trust your gut! Once you accept all the beauty and power in every curve of your body you will have just started to touch the perimeter of your abilities as a woman!

  • Every woman should have at least one outfit in their closet that makes them feel their most confident. What is your favorite?
  • At  what age did you come into your sexy confidence?
  • How can you encourage someone else to help them find their confidence?

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  1. I’m building that look right now! Constantly reevaluating things!

  2. That’s the way Nikki! Constantly reevaluate the look!