How to Survive Being Single During the Holidays


As the holiday season approaches one of the prominent thoughts for most single women may be their lack of a man. However, this is not the time to let your single status affect your ability to enjoy your experiences with family and friends. The following tips will help you stay busy, enjoy your time and perhaps give you the opportunity to meet new friends along the way.

  • Plan a  dinner party with your friends. Perhaps even suggest each guest bring a  single friend and turn it into more of a mixer.
  • Volunteer with a shelter to help feed the homeless to give back on all of your own blessings.
  • Take a cruise with your girlfriends for some quality girl time.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, do something daring for a change from something  as daring as bungee jumping to something as simple as going camping.
  • Take a class on something you have always wanted to try from cake decorating to  salsa lessons.
  • Avoid situations that may make you uncomfortable in your single status, however  feel free to accept invitations to parties and events that do not focus on   couples.

The main goal is to simply enjoy this special time of the year, with or without that special someone in your life. This will give you even more time to get to know and love someone truly special in your life, you!


I Want to Know:

  • How do you survive the holidays when your single?
  • What suggestions would you give to other single women?
  • Have you tried any of these things? How did it go?