7 Must Have Beauty Items for a Natural Beauty Look



If you’re anything like me then you appreciate the natural beauty that women possess. Furthermore, when I look to create a look for day or night I always lean on the side of it looking au naturale. It makes me not only feel true to myself, but it also allows me to enhance my features in positive ways. Here are my top over the counter and store brought beauty items that reveal a natural look for any woman:

1. Facial Moisturizer

Many people comment on how smooth and soft my skin appears especially on my face. My secret is Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisturizer that I apply 3-4x per week after washing my face. This helps to set the foundation for a natural look.


2. Facial Wipes

Before I moisturize and sometimes even before bed I use Olay Daily Facials to clear my face of make-up, dirt, or anything else that may cause pimples, blemishes, or unclean skin on my face. This allows me to have a clean slate daily.

3. Lip gloss or balm

Although lips don’t naturally shine with gloss, this is the ultimate beauty item in my cosmetics bag. It helps to enhance your natural lip beauty. Select one with a hint of color to mix it up and make your lips pop with color!

4.  Black Eyeliner

Use a classic shade such as black to enhance your eyes. Adding a thin line to the top and bottom of your eye lids will reveal a natural look. It shouldn’t be heavily apply to eyes.

5.  Mascara

Using a classic color like black to enhance your eye lashes will further enhance your eyes and bring out their natural beauty. Maybeline’s Great Lash Massacre has been a hit for the last 40 years if you’re looking for a brand to try.

6.  Tweezers or Wax

Tweeze your eyebrows or get them professionally done so that they appear beautiful yet natural with your look.

7.  Water

Drink plenty of water to ensure you are providing your body with enough juice to stay hydrated and keep your skin glowing from the inside out.


Regal Tip: If you absolutely have to use make-up to enhance your look, go to a professional at MAC, Sephora, Macy or another store that can provide you with a step-by-step approach to applying a natural look and the products that match your skin tone perfectly.