The Key to Standing Out At Work

All of us want to be a star, especially at our workplace. You want to be the top seller, the best teacher, the friendliest and most effecient nurse, hairdresser, cashier, and whatever awesome job that it is that you’ve been blessed. But it can be hard with all the stress and pressure involved with meeting goals, deadlines, and inter-office drama to really focus on doing the best job that you can do and getting ahead. With so many people all vying for the top spot, you can feel like a little fish in a big sea; invisible and unnoticed. But that’s not the case! You are a workin’ diva, all you have to do is figure out how to let your light shine through! So here are five quick and easy steps to help you stand out at your job and be the superstar that you really are.

1. Be a SMART-worker, not a hardworker.

Alot of times we think if we kill ourselves at work, it will be obvious that we’re the best choice for that next promotion, but that’s not necessarily the case. Employers are looking for people who work efficiently, and use the company resources as effectively as possible. The goal is to be effective, not exhaustive.

2. Play Well With Others

No matter how good you are at what you do, companies need people who can work with others. Its inevitable. You have coworkers, supervisors, and clients/customers. You’ll need to be able to not only work work with others, but communicate effectively with them as well. Learning the fine art of conflict resolution, team building, effective listening skills and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses will make you a super-employee that your boss just can’t help but notice.

3. Stay In Tune With Your Company’s Overall Focus

Many times, it can feel ilke you’re just one of many cogs in a big wheel that you don’t know much about, but you can change that! You know that “useless” News Around The Company email you get? Read it! Find out who is who, get familiar with names and faces. Ask your boss or your boss’ boss where they would like to see the company going within the next five or ten years. Not only does it show active, long-term interest to your superior, which is always a plus, it will help you to better understand your role within in the company and how to get ahead and stay ahead.

4. Take Initiative

You know that product that your company is having a hard time selling, or that job around the office that no one wants to do? Instead of grumbling and rolling your eyes at it, attack it with fervor and enthusiasm. Even if you still fall short, it will show that you’re willing to do the work necessary to do your job, and you’re excited about getting it done. That problem area that your coworkers try to avoid is the thorn in your boss’ side. Stand out from the crowd and be proactive about trying to fix it so you can move on to bigger and better projects, like decorating your new corner office 😉

5. See Your Job In A Positive Light (Especially On The Bad Days!)

I know dealing with the same c-r-a-p can be draining and make you miserable at times, but your misery is not only visible on you and unattractive, but its contagious. Bad attitudes and negative vibes can permeate even the cheeriest workplace and wreak havoc on overall morale and your own mood. Try your absolute best to see the positive aspects of your work; you get to meet many new people, you and your coworkers really get along well, you get to see those cute, smiling faces of all the children, whatever it is that drives you and can inspire a smile in you is what you should be focusing on. Your coworkers will pick up on your positive vibes, and you’ll see the mood in the office change dramatically, I promise!