How to Talk to Your Man So He Will Listen


In case you had experienced the so familiar situation in which you catch your boyfriend not paying attention to the conversation, you excellently know how irritating that could be. Of course, no matter of the excuses, you still will be mad at your beloved one for distracting with other activities so easily.

The good news is that men usually do not do this on purpose – they are simply distracted by other things such as their favorite film or by the most interesting football match. And that is the exact moment when the woman is ready to involve her boyfriend in an important discussion about their relationship.


The best case scenario remains that, in which the man devotes all of his attention to the conversation, but in many cases, all that women receive is a short and clear answer to some of their questions. It is never easy to handle with the distraction of men, but if you really want to attract the attention of your true love, there are certainly clever tips that have proven their efficiency. Take a look at the following lines and learn how encourage your boyfriend to be more enthusiastic about your conversations and discussions.


Choose The Right Time

Of course, you cannot make a schedule for the exact time of the day in which  you will initiate a conversation with your boyfriend, however, avoid discussing important issues while he is occupied with his favourite hobby. You will probably end up disputing about how he is not paying attention to your feelings and you will be blamed for overreacting in every situation. The best tactic here is to wait for a while, until the man is no longer occupied with other activities and grab the moment to involve him in a discussion.


Do Not Overreact If He is Not Paying Attention

My personal advice is not to hurry up with the conclusions, if you catch your boyfriend not listening to you. It does not mean that he is not loving you and the worst tactic is to initiate scandals. Usually men try to do several things simultaneously and for that reason they fail to listen to your words. They do not do this on purpose, however, ladies feel really irritated and insulted by this fact.



Attract His Attention With Themes that Intrigue Him

You cannot expect to have the same hobbies with your boyfriend, however, surprise him, by initiating a conversation that will really catch his attention. You will agree that men won’t be keen on discussions that concern the latest modernities in the pedicure, so do not to torture your beloved one with all those issues. Leave them for the hours, spent with your friends unless you want to end up talking to yourself. Of course, if your boyfriend is caring and responsive to your needs he will bravely listen the whole tirade about your last visit to the cosmetic centre. However, you do not stand a good chance to keep his attention with such themes every day, do you?


Now that you have learnt why men are so distracted at times, do not judge them – they need your support and love, even if they fail to grasp all the information that you offer. Escape from the widespread frame in which you constantly murmur to your beloved one and try to imagine the things from his  point of view. Explain to your boyfriend that you will be happy to discuss all of his desired themes and you will soon observe that he had become a little more concentrated and enthusiastic about  your discussions.


Guest Author Bio: Patricia J. Cornwell from CleanToPerfection Fulham gave you some very useful tips and tactics on how to get your partner’s attention and involve him in a discussion.