3 Phrases Every Woman Needs to Stop Saying Now

Our words hold the power of “life and death.” Yet we don’t realize how this truly affects our ability to manifest the life we desire and deserve. Lately, I have heard these three phrases from more women than I can count.

Quite frankly, this ish needs to STOP because it is HOLDING you all the way back.

The more you say these three phrases….the more STUCK you will be.

#1: “I’m a hot mess.”
Not only this but “I need to get it together.” If you can’t tell yourself this, that means you believe it. Who wants to be a hot mess? Nobody. So just stop it.

Instead affirm yourself with “I have it all together. God has a perfect plan, and I am exactly where I am supposed to be.” Then take action, literally write out an action plan for the next few weeks, months, and then year.

#2: “I can’t afford that.”
A surefire way to stay BROKE is to say you can’t afford something. The truth is if you really want something like tickets to Beyonce’s concert…you will FIND a way to make it happen. There is a difference between having a poverty mindset vs. wealthy mindset. Brokeness is certainly poverty minded.

You can’t possibly have room in your life for more money if you can’t tell yourself what you can’t do it.

Besides, if you don’t know how to manage your finances well, it does not matter whether you have more because you will still mismanage it.

Start writing down your beliefs about $$$$, and take note of your relationship with it. How do you really feel about it? If you always feel like you’re struggling (unless you’re in college) then your relationship needs a whole upgrade!

#3: “I need a husband.”

It is nothing wrong with wanting a MAN let alone a husband. But, let’s be real clear: a husband (even a boyfriend) and a MARRIAGE is not going to make your life better if you:

a) are hooked on the fantasy of getting married b) wanted to only get married because of your age c) see everyone else getting married online d) have still not done any INNER work to evolve yourself to become a better woman or a wife.

So stop saying you need a husband. You don’t. You are complete and whole whether he ever arrives or not. Remember that.

If you make him responsible for your happiness, you will always be disappointed.

If you find yourself saying these things often—that’s a PROBLEM! There is much work that needs to be done.

If you’re ready to change this, then you need to apply to my Unleash Your FIERCE program, which teaches you how to get yourself together, master your relationship with money and with men.