How to Find a Good Man Worthy of Your Time


Here’s how….

Look Inside….is there a GOOD woman in there?
Is she mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, financially, and purposefully in order?
Is she consistent, stable, and secure?
Is she understanding, compassionate, and loving?
Is she fierce, strong, and powerful?
Is she sensual and sanctified? (all at the same time!)
Is she healed, healthy, and whole?
Is she loveable?
Is she partnerable?
If you want a good man, honey than you must FIRST be a good woman! Good as in you have your ish in order on all levels, and you are open to allowing love to come in.
If you attract hot mess men then you are a hot mess (somewhere deep inside…maybe not on the surface but it’s in there)
Like attracts like
You SEE…..
You can’t attract Barack Obama if you’re operating at Chris Brown’s level
You can’t attract Idris Elba if you’re operating at Stevie J’s level
You can’t attract Denzel Washington if you’re operating at Ike Turner’s level

Another example, I peeped on Facebook: R &B Singer Ciara use to date rapper Future and she has a child with him. To most he would be considered “ratchet,” and he has used everything in his power recently to tear her down in the media such as calling her a “controlling b****”

Since no longer being with him…(on the right)
She has since moved on to football player, Russell Wilson who appears to treat her as a Queen. So how did she go from “ratchet” to “ringing wedding bells” because Russell just proposed? She changed her VIBE.
Here is what Russell had to say about her:

If you want a CERTAIN type of man, than you must operate at HIS LEVEL and vice versa.
So when you see two people together, that means they are operating at the same level…and as we know some levels are toxic (cough: Rhianna and Chris Brown or Ike and Tina vs. Tina and her new husband—she changed her operating level so she attracted someone better!)

So what level are you on?

Who are you attracting? Is it what you desire?
If your love life is struggling, then boo it’s time for a change. Imagine what it would be like to finally have your honey in you life consistently and with lots of love!

I invite you to read my e-book, Find Him, Keep Him and learn exactly how you can attract your man once and for all.

Next, comment below:

  • Do you see how your vibe has been attracting certain men?
  • What will be your next steps to positioning yourself to let Mr. Right come into your life?
  • What other challenges do you have with men?