Unleash Your FIERCE is Now Accepting Applications!


This is your chance to step fully into your POWER and become the STRONG, CONFIDENT, AND POWERFUL woman you desire to be.

I know you’ve wondered why some women seem to have it all: confidence, beauty, style, a good man, a good job/career, nice car, and so on!

There are things that those type of women do that separate them from other women. They have mastered the principles of being a FIERCE woman of value.

The Unleash Your FIERCE coaching program will help you:

  • Shift your MINDSET. As hard as it seems, it can be done! Belief is the start of it all. Your thoughts become things. Learn the key to shifting into the mindset of a woman with bold CONFIDENCE.
  • Create your FIERCE VISION for your life. Discover a simple 3 step technique to make your vision of being a strong and confident woman a reality
  • Break FREE from the patterns and cycles that hold you back from being FIERCE
  • Stop playing SMALL and SETTLING. Let go of the areas where you are not living up to your God given potential, and NOT WORRY what other people think.
  • Crush self-doubt and fear as soon as they start so you can achieve your goals.
  • Starting saying “NO” to what you don’t want and start starting saying “YES” to you MORE!
  • Awaken your FEMININE POWER and be SEXY! Elevate your connection to your body and your sexuality as a woman. Learn how to use this to deepen your self-love with your body regardless of your SIZE.
  • Let go of the PAST. Free yourself of the things that happened when you were a child or just last week. Put away those things and learn how to make room for blessings to overflow into your life like never before.
  • Stand TALL, walk like a BOSS, and speak FEARLESSLY in front of others with your head held high! Get your voice heard among others and start standing out wherever you go.
  • Simple yet effective techniques to increase your SELF-LOVE
  • SOPHISTICATED steps to become a more worthy, confident, and happy woman
  • And more!


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There are THREE levels to join:

Silver Level: Access to entire course + bonuses

Platinum Level: Access to entire course + bonuses + 1 Fierce coaching session + 1 live group masterclass

Gold Level: Access to entire course + bonuses + 2 Fierce coaching sessions + 1 live group masterclass

VIP Deluxe Level: Access to entire course + bonuses + 3 months of 1-on-1 coaching support


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