How to Create a Confidence Playlist

You know I was driving the other day listening to my favorite song of the moment…feeling like a total BOSS, and I walked out of that car fierce as ever.

If you’ve been following me for a while or work with me 1-on-1, you know that I always tell you that a woman has to have a STRATEGY for becoming and staying fierce, confident, & unstoppable.

Not only that, as my Unleash Your FIERCE participants learn in the last week in the program, I introduce “confidence triggers™” to them.

A confidence trigger™ is any mechanism a woman uses to remind herself of her power!

Just like we must bathe every day to stay fresh and clean, we must build our confidence muscle up every day to stay fierce and unstoppable.

Having a playlist (whether it be a cd you burn, Itunes playlist, Pandora station, etc) is one “confidence trigger” that you should definitely have—on repeat!

So, what would be on your CONFIDENCE PLAYLIST?

My list is an unlikely list given that I am a confidence coach for women, but since I have been a hip-hop head since a very young age (if I wasn’t a coach or a teacher…then I would be a hip hop journalist) then my playlist is an eclectic mix of rap, Mary Mary, oldies but goodies, and women’s empowerment songs.

As for hip-hop…I know rappers say some pretty dumb stuff and some ignorant stuff too…but what I have always loved besides beats that make me dance are that rappers are unapologetic, unbothered, and confident about who they are and what they do (even if it seems wrong to us).

You know I love me some confidence! So I can’t resist it. LOL.

Here’s a sample of my playlist:

  • Formation –Beyoncé (Makes me feel unbothered and unapologetic about who I am)
  • Big Rings –Future and Drake (Makes me feel like a complete business Bo$$)
  • Go Get It–Mary Mary (Reminds me of my connection with God)
  •  Jumpman –Future & Drake (The beat makes me happy and I want to get up and dance)
  • Candy–Cameo (Makes me feel happy and puts me in a good mood)
  •  I’m Every Woman– Chaka Khan (Makes me feel like a powerful woman)
  • Shame– Jill Scott (Makes me feel excited and like a queen!)

What would be on your list?

Your homework:

  1. Create a playlist (have a reason why you pick each song) Need some help, readhere.
  2. Burn a CD version or download to your phone to play in the car, when you exercise, when you’re on the computer, when you’re mad, angry, or sad, and when you need a confidence boost
  3. Comment below and tell me what would be on your list and/or post a snippet of your song(s) to Facebook or Instagram. Tag me @regalrealness so I can see it.


  1. Love the idea of a confidence playlist. I actually have a Happy Songs playlist. So..I think this will be my next YouTube project! Thanks for the suggestions, too. :)