8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Happy young African American woman with a beautiful smile relaxing on a sofa in her living room smiling at the camera

It’s that time of year when allergies start acting wild and we feel a new zeal for life because it’s a new season. Traditionally, we clean our homes and our closets, but very rarely as women do we spring clean ourselves.

Imagine what a renewed and refreshed version of you could bring to the table?

Use the following suggestions to spring into a new level of confidence and fierceness:

Mentally: Start saying some new affirmations about where you want to see yourself 6 months from now. Reprogram your mind now by saying them for at least 21 days straight.

Physically: Take inventory of what you have been eating for the least 3 days and the next 3 days. Note what choices nourish your body and which don’t. Then identify how you felt during the times when you ate unhealthy, and create a new solution for those emotions that don’t include food.

Spiritually: Take a cleansing shower and literally say aloud that you are releasing negative energy, toxic ties, old relationships, bad vibes, drama, fear, doubt, worry, and shame. Do every day until you feel free.

Emotionally:  Journal about how you are feeling in this current season of your life include what you like and don’t like and what you want to change.

Socially: Write down the five closets people to you and determine what value they add to your life. If it isn’t any, then you need to reconsider taking them into the next season of your life. Also, note what types of people you need to add to your circle.

Professionally: Rate yourself on a scale from 1-5, 5 being exceeds performance on the areas of: professionalism, time management, job performance, use of gifts/talents, interactions with others, and leadership abilities.

Single-Work on handling any emotional baggage you’re still carrying.
Dating-Identify any patterns in your dating life that have gotten in the way of your success with love, and work to mend those.
Married-Think of at least 3 ways to make your marriage fresh and spicy again this season.

Financially: Clean out your wallet. Organize your receipts. Clean out your purse. Create a new budget for the remainder of the year to ensure you are meeting your goals. Make a list of 10 ways you can add to your income this year.

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