Lil Kim Can Teach You A Huge Lesson on Self-Love


I’m going to keep all the way REAL with you. I use to LOVE Lil Kim. Like love it! You know I am a hip hop head…I was born his way. Lol! No matter how old I get.

I love female rappers especially because they are fierce and unbothered and SPEAK THEIR MIND with so much confidence. I fall in love every time…

Anyhoots, I am scrolling through Facebook and I keep seeing this:

 Lil Kim New


I thought she was a little  girl at first like Kylie Jenner…so I kept going because I’m thinking this does not interest me.


Finally, I stop and realized that it is KIMBERLY JONES aka Lil Kim looking a hot mess. Like when she first arrived on the scene, she looked like this:



 Such a cute face, but then she felt so low that she had to have surgery after surgery and now she looks unrecognizable.

What makes a woman do this? Envying others is one thing, but she admitted in an interview in Newsweek in 2000,

“I have low self-esteem and always have. Guys always cheated on me with girls that were European looking…’How can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t good enough.”


This broke my damn HEART! I’m thinking, “No Kim…No!”

At least she was brave enough to speak her truth, but damn Kim needs some super HEALING and some serious COACHING….like I need to hook homegirl UP with a few sessions! Lol.

Seriously, but her deep rooted beliefs about herself is showing up for her with her body image.



Do your own self-reflection:

  • Where, if any, in your own life are your BELIEFS negatively impacting other aspects of your life?
  • Are you secretly competing with anyone or anything?
  • Is there any place where you feel not good enough?


Let Kim serve as a HUGE lesson in self-love. Love on yourself. Get help with your issues….as you can see…it doesn’t go away without you doing the work!


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  1. This was heartbreaking to see. I’m glad people went from ridiculing her to discussing the deeper message in what she has done to herself. You’re right. She does need a life coach to teach her to shed the hurt and love herself again.

    • I agree. She is in need of healing not ridicule. Hopefully she is able to receive that soon. Loving yourself is the single most important action any woman can do for herself.

  2. Yes, I agree with you ladies. And mainstream media and social media does not send a good message our young sisters so that they can grow up with a better sense of self-love.

    • It really doesn’t. This is why we as women have to ensure we are taking care of ourselves, and teaching younger women the truth about the media.