Hey GIRL HEY!!! 

I think it is time and you know it!

Girl you can feel it deep, down inside of you

You feel the urge…constantly…to be more, do more, and have more

You know you want it ALL, and you just wish it would be there already

But as soon as you make a move, doubt creeps up on you

Fear eases its nasty way into the back of your mind

Negative thoughts dance their little way through your mind

Your OCD (obsessive comparison disorder) kicks in…

Leaving you second guessing whether you should STEP out of your comfort zone

And…STEP into something NEW!

So, you’re back to square 1…..

Putting yourself and your self-care last

Lacking confidence and belief in yourself that you so desperately crave

Attracting same men who were just like the last ones

Eating foods you know aren’t good for your body

Struggling to make ends meet with the way your money is set up

Making little to no or slow progress on your goals and dreams

Procrastinating making changes and taking consistent action

Holding on to baggage that weighs you down

Settling for where you are instead of pushing forward

Feeling like you are not good enough and lacking something that other women have who seem like they got it going on (bc there FB or Instagram is popping…or so it appears!)


Despite all of this…you have a VISION!


You know the type of woman you desire to be

You know what lifestyle you want to live

You want to be regal, confident, and magnetic!

You want to be fierce, fun, and feminine!

You want to be healthy, happy, healed, and whole!

You want to be loved and live a life of luxury!

You want to feel worthy and be wealthy!

Girlfriend, you want to GLOW!

You want to radiate, shine, and sparkle in all of your divine glory

But, there is just one problem….

You don’t know HOW TO…

You’ve prayed, tried saying daily affirmations, made a vision board before (or at least thought of it), read a couple of books, read some blog posts, talked to other women, and still…

Everything in your life is still the SAME!


Yet, you are ready to SHIFT out of your struggle and STEP into this NEW life!


You want to shift your mindset!

You want motivation to make this shift!

You want to know what you need to do everyday to shift!

You want to be supported and encouraged as you shift!

You want to be surrounded with like-minded women who also want to and are shifting!


Then, you’ve found your new home!

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I teach women just like you how to master confidence, life, and love.

I feel called to help you because I’ve been there before. The struggle is real. Guess what? I chose not to deal with it anymore because I knew I was born with purpose, and it is no way I will not live the life I divinely deserve and desire.

The community of women I have built and continue to build knows how committed I am to their personal growth and development…..see for yourself….

“The advice Taria provided me with gave me a glimpse of what I need to do to move forward in my life, and to truly enjoy being who I am. I think the part about forgiving yourself is something I need to work on.” – Quindara L.

“I like receiving emails from you because they are motivating and let me know I am not the only woman who feels the way I do at times.” – 2014 Survey Response

Regal Realness has boosted the confidence in me to embrace the true me as well as motivate other women in my circle to embrace themselves completely.” – Tosha S.

“The posts on confidence helped me to build confidence to apply and interview for jobs that I would not have in the past. The website speaks to many issues I have faced and continue to face as a woman.” – Nicole M.

Oh, and there’s more…here is what my tribe said when I asked them what is their favorite thing that they’ve learned from me:

  • Confidence is the key to this thing called life and it provides a sense of freedom that is a force!
  • It’s all about how you feel about yourself. We tend to believe the negativity that others say about us, and I had to believe that I’m worthy.
  • I am in control of my own confidence.
  • Love yourself first, don’t settle for less than what you deserve. 

I make it my business to drop womanly wisdom often (peep my blog!), and not only will I help you shift from within I provide spiritual and practical steps, self-discovery exercises, tools, and techniques to make it happen!

Shifting and changing facilitates your growth as a woman!

Growing as a woman means you are becoming….becoming is the process of awakening to the confident and empowered woman within yourself.

It’s time for you to wake up.

It’s time for you to become….

The regal woman you were destined to be!

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Professional Mission–About Regal Realness

Regal Realness is a personal development company that teaches women how to master confidence, life, and love from the inside out.

Regal Realness– A woman who accepts herself flaws and all, embraces her culture and power as a highly valuable regal and magnetic woman, and lives a highly fulfilling, satisfying, happy, and successful life.

We all know a Regal Realness woman when we meet her. She is show stopping and she turns heads in any room. Men fall for her effortlessly. Women envy her zest for life and try to compete or even imitate. She appears to have it all. Beauty, style, brilliance, purpose, success, a great man, exciting life, and last but certainly not least a glow like no other. She radiates. She is regal. She has embraced her real self at her core. She is regal realness.