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Become more confident and comfortable in your own skin, and fearlessly become the woman you desire to be.


I know you all to well girlfriend!

What I know for sure (Oprah voice) is you want to be FIERCE.  

As in confident, clear about your purpose, more in control of your life, and totally comfortable in your own skin.

You want to stop feeling sorry for yourself, ashamed of your past, and upset about things you’ve been carrying inside of you for years.

You want to feel good enough and confident enough to move into the next phase in your life, but something keeps you stuck where you are. You can’t quite figure out why and that’s why you’ve landed on this page.

You deeply desire to operate at your FULLEST potential.

You want to feel and be CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED, and oh-so-FABULOUS.

You desire to step into your power fully, pursue your purpose, be happy, be confident, share your life with a man worthy of your time, and live the life you’ve been dreaming of …forever! You want to have it all like every other woman out there…

You want to be regal, refined, and respected like Michelle Obama….


And you are ready to overcome anything that is standing in your way and shine like Viola Davis…


Or perhaps you want to build your own entrepreneurial empire like Cookie Lyon or even Taraji P. Henson herself….


Maybe you want a romance like Will & Jada….


Or you want to ensure that you got it going on and age with beauty and grace like Angela Bassett…


Whatever you desire….can be yours!

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Discover how to fearlessly move out of your “comfort zone”
  • Focus less on the negative and more on the positive
  • Have a go-to strategy to handle setbacks or when all hell breaks loose in your life
  • Retrain your mindset and stop doubting yourself
  • Change your vibe and energy to attract better men and relationships with family and friends
  • Finally get your sh*t together and stop competing and comparing yourself to other women
  • Get over your fears and stop holding yourself back from your dream life



Confidence Unleashed Power Session ($147): 45 Minute Session for returning clients and clients on a budget who need to address 1-2 specific areas in their lives that they are struggling with. This 1-on-1 session is designed for us to talk woman-to-woman and address doubts, fears, worries, unhealthy patterns, and blocks that are preventing you from leaving your FIERCE dream life.



Each package is depended on what you need in your life at this time. You can work with me for 6 weeks (Standard) or 90 days (Deluxe) depending on how deep of a transformation you want.


Standard: $750

Deluxe: $1, 500

**Each package includes a FREE Bonus. Payment plans are also available.



This 1-on-1 coaching package is designed for the woman who feels as though she really needs to find herself again, and get to know the woman she is on a deep, personal level. This coaching is all about learning to love yourself, being okay being yourself, owning who you are, and being comfortable in your own skin. If it’s time you dug deep, focused on yourself for once, and felt happy enough to GLOW and get the SPARK that you’ve dreamed of having for a long time, this is for you!

**FREE BONUS: Confident Woman Collection



This 1-on-1 coaching package is designed for the woman who often feels doubtful, fearful, and worrisome. This coaching is all about getting you unstuck and unraveling what is holding you back from moving forward fearlessly. If it’s time you to stop worrying about what other people think, hesitating and procrastinating on your dreams, and being too fearful to really step into your power, this is for you!

**FREE BONUS: Free & Fabulous 21 Day Healing Guide 



This 1-on-1 coaching package is designed for women who are tired of being single and struggling with dating. This coaching is all about learning how to attract high quality men, raise your magnetism, date with a purpose, and enter a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage. If it’s time you stopped struggling with men, and finally learned how to get over any exes who you can’t get over, insecurities that are holding you back, and/or tired of waiting for “the one” to show up in your life, this is for you!

**FREE BOUNS: Find Him, Keep Him E-Book 



This 1-on-1 coaching package is designed for the woman who desires to fully step into her purpose fearlessly and empower, inspire, and motivate others using her God given gifts and talents. This coaching is all about pinpointing your purpose, igniting your inner entrepreneurial spirit, building a brand of your own, creating products/services to offer, and being your own BO$$. If it’s time you stopped playing small, and started learning what it really takes to be purposed and paid, this is for you!

**FREE BONUS: Purposed & Paid E-Book


Standard Packages include:

  • 6 1 hour coaching sessions
  • 42 days of unlimited email support
  • Homework assignments
  • Self-Reflection Assessment

Deluxe Packages Include:

  • 6 1 hour coaching sessions + 2 45 bonus sessions (when you need them the most)
  • 90 days of unlimited email and text support
  • Homework assignments
  • Self-Reflection Assessment
  • Custom Confidence Routine (**Inner Boss: Custom Marketing Plan)
  • Custom Confidence Blueprint Action Plan (**Inner Boss: Custom Business & Brand Plan)
  • Custom affirmation and prayer cards
  • FREE lifetime access to Unleash Your FIERCE course

E-mail to set up

a FREE 20 Minute Discovery Session today!

How It Works:

  1. Set up 20 minute Discovery Session
  2. Select Your Package
  3. Submit payment
  4. Submit application
  5. Begin coaching
  6. Become the confident and empowered woman you desire to be!





  • “So this morning I did have my meltdown as I finally realized ” the guy” was just not that into me. HOWEVER, I’m  proud of myself for getting in my prayer closet, crying and letting it go. I’m even more proud that I went to the mirror and affirmed myself and decreed myself whole, happy, beautiful and worthy of love. If this were last year, I would still be lying in bed the whole day. Now I’m dressed and extremely elated, happy and on my way to get my passport. Again, this all started with YOU!! Thank you for being that light for sooooo many women and myself!!! YOU ROCK!!!” -S.R. 


  • “Taria,  just today a man walked up to me and said ” God, you’re pretty”. It’s working. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.” S.R.


  • “Omg, this blueprint is !!!! I’m so excited to take this step and finally work on myself! You are truly awesome for coming up with this! You have awakened a hope in me that has been dormant for a long time ! Plus the call last night was AWESOME! I felt like I was chatting with one of my best friends ! Thanks again ! Talk to you soon.” R.L.


  • “I am writing to let you know that I have been following you on Periscope, Twitter, and Instagram. I have been watching your videos which really speak to me. From reading the book I have received when I signed up, I have made a poster and bought myself a journal. I will be hanging my poster up today and will be writing in my journal. I have been making many changes to become more confident in myself and actually believe that I am confident. Even if it meant separating myself from some people which was bittersweet. But I am proud of the changes I have been making. Just wanted to thank you for helping me and I always look forward to your posts and videos.” -I.B.
  •  “The advice Taria provided me with gave me a glimpse of what I need to do to move forward in my life, and to truly enjoy being who I am. I think the part about forgiving yourself is something I need to work on.” – Q. L. 
  • “OMG! Taria gave me so much life! I have struggled with speaking up and overall believing in myself. When I took the assessment, I realized that I did know what I desired but I just didn’t know how to get to that level. On the coaching call, Taria pointed out why I was really afraid to speak up, and I had a breakthrough! She provided so much clarity and guidance which amazed me! She emphasized that clarity equaled confidence!”- S.P.
  • “My favorite part was receiving my blueprint. She made custom affirmations for my struggles with loving my body and being more financially secure. I’ve been saying them and since I literally went from being broke to finding a random $10 in a parking lot. She has helped me see that confidence is truly a mindset no matter what area of life it pertains you best believe I will keep following my blueprint everyday for this next month”  – L.B.
  • “So it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been using the blueprint. Today a man approached me today in WaWa , and said “you are beautiful. You just have this glow to you.” This scared the you know what out of me because men never approach me. This was one of the areas of focus I was given to work on. Since I’ve implemented the affirmations, prayers, custom self-love days you gave me, and started educating myself on men and relationships more using the resources you recommended I have begin to feel myself becoming more magnetic! Really more me and less of what others want or want a man wants. I’ve been saying “I am valuable” so much that I am actually starting to believe it and clearly this man noticed!” – F. N.
  • “This [confidence] book was soooo good! The confidence quiz matched me completely. It was crazy!  My favorite part is the idea of a confidence book. BEST idea I’ve heard in a while. You go girl!  I feel more confident and comfortable already. Thank you so much!! You’re my lifesaver.” -Shani
  • “It’s definitely a work in progress, just as I. I really love how you send the additional questions to help reflect on how you see yourself as well as were you truly are. I’m on a few vacations for the next few months so consistency will be my true test. Again, it’s definitely adding value to my life as well as my journey. Thanks for such an amazing tool ” -A.H.

Say YES to yourself. Don’t let FEAR keep you from investing in yourself. You are worthy of it.

Choose faith over fear. Put yourself in a position to win more in life.

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