Meet Me & The Team

 Taria Pritchett

Founder & CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Regal Realness


Taria Pritchett is a Self-Love and Confidence Coach & CEO of Regal Realness, an empowerment company for women ready to upgrade their mindsets and unleash their power within. Recognized as one of Delaware’s Top 40 Under 40, she teaches women how to build and maintain unstoppable confidence so they can live regal, empowered, and fabulous lifestyles.

She has been committed to empowering women since she started her own girl’s empowerment book club in 7th grade in her mom’s basement. Since she has went on to coach women, host live events, and start a popular blog.  She has been coached under some of the of the best in the field of entrepreneurship and empowerment such as  success coach, Dr. Stacia Pierce, business coach and Oprah Super Soul Sunday guest Marie Forleo, and bestselling author and business strategist coach Tiphani Montgomery

 Through her company she is able to teach women through her best-selling products such as The Ultimate Self-Love Journal, online courses, speaking, workshops, and her forthcoming book, You Were Born to Glow: How to Unleash the Confident & Empowered Woman Within.



Regal Realness Team

Social Media Intern/Empowerment Technician

Simone Nesbitt


Simone is a student at Florida A & M University majoring in Business Administration.

She is a proud Regal Realness follower, bomb nail technician, social media maven, and runs a young woman’s empowerment website over at:,








Nicole Baptist also affectionately known as Ms. Nix – The owner and operator of is here to give relationship advice, especially to women, to help all make better decisions about personal life choices. Ms. Nix and the Mix Team also provides lifestyle information, celebrity news and fashion ideas to their readers. She also contributes as a columnist for Luv & Relationships. You can catch the latest “Mix Experience” by going to the site Ms Nix in the Mix and follow her on Twitter.




Erica Regina is a freelance writer in Baton Rouge, La. Her topics normally focus on dating, relationships and women empowerment.  She relates to both the male and female perspective that is sometimes serious and occasionally humorous antidotes to help the opposite sex maintain a better understanding of each other. Currently she is working on her first novel. See more of her work here!  She accepts feedback or advice queries at e-mail.
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Petra Palmer is an educator, a daughter, a sister, a friend and now a writer. After years of running from her gift of writing, she is now claiming it and trying to use her words to empower others.



Melanie Harris was born in Baltimore, MD and raised in Anchorage, AK where she graduated as her class valedictorian in 2006.  She is a musician, and the author and creator of Spirit & In Truth and She loves to write, play music, dance,  travel, and do outdoorsy stuff with her husband, Eric. You can find Melanie socially on Twitter and Instagram @whooooamellie and on Facebook – Girl Melanie The Writer