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The Ultimate Self-Love Journal



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“After ending a decade-long relationship a few years ago, I was heart-broken and devastated. When I heard about the Regal Realness’s Vision Board Challenge I was excited; I believe thoughts manifest into reality. Only a month and a half after completing my vision board I found new love, my blog started growing more and I felt more focused overall. The challenge motivated me to finally complete the board I had started two years prior and the tasks have kept me on track.” -Monet F.


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“Reading posts from Regal Realness has helped assure me of what it is to be a confident and self-loving woman. I like that the site targets women of color but more importantly woman of all sizes and cultural backgrounds, not just from a Eurocentric viewpoint. The updates constantly remind me of what I need to believe, feel and think in order to feel beautiful and confident. Taria is very upfront, familiar and soulful. If you are interested in building a relationship with someone who is dedicated and authentically motivated by this cause, then the choice should be with her.” -Quindara L.



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“I have been working on my confidence routine…I think I’ve made some improvements as far as being confident to do what I want without wondering what others would think or wondering if I’ll fail.”- Deiondria L.

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“Taria, just today a man walked up to me and said, “God, you’re pretty”. It’s working. Thank you for all you’ve taught me.” Shana R.

Illiyah Picture

“I have been making many changes to become more confident in myself and actually believe that I am confident. Even if it meant separating myself from some people which was bittersweet. But I am proud of the changes I have been making. Just wanted to thank you for helping me and I always look forward to your posts and videos.” -Illiyah B.


“You have awakened a hope in me that has been dormant for a long time!” – Rayanne L.


“At first I wondered “is this really going to work.” But, I actually have such a confidence boost, I let go of some baggage and you challenged me to set up a dating profile. A lot times we need to do something totally different to get out of a ruthless place, and get away from our normal circumstances. I would recommend you to women who don’t mind investing in their life. You are a great motivator but women who work with you must be willing to do the work. Thank you so much for motivating and teaching that I must speak life to myself so that I can have love and confidence. So, as I move forward I look to greater things happening for me. ” – Kim H.

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“The Ultimate Self-Love Journal is an amazing tool to help any woman get back to the basics! It’s so easy to get consumed with our daily routines — jobs, family, finances, societal standards, etc. —  that we often forget our true purpose and desires. This journal is filled with inspiring quotes and exercises that will remind you of those things, create a strategy to reach your goals and give you an excuse to have the Me Time you so rightly deserve! I recommend getting a copy for you and your best girlfriend. Thumbs up, Taria!” –Ariel C. Williams

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“I have started my process of journaling, and love how it’s making me to look deeper at who I am beyond the labels of who I am.” -Tosha Stager


“I think the affirmations and magnetic relating is working!! Today a man helped me take my groceries out of my cart and put on the counter for the cashier to ring up. Then, the EMT guy at work who picks up patients said he liked my hair. I was cheesin’. Granted, none of them asked me for my number, but just the acknowledgment and attention felt so good.” –Sasha R.


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“I printed my journal off and I am on Day 4. I love the colors and charts, so that really catches my eye and keeps me coming back. A personal goal of mine is consistency and this journal is helping to keep me accountable. I also love the affirmations as well. They are easy to remember and for me powerful – Keal  B.