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Strategic Business Coaching for womenpreneurs who want to build purposeful and profitable brands that empower, educate, and elevate girls and women.


Empowerment Bo$$: A woman who feels called to leave a legacy that positively impacts the lives of girls & women in a profound way.

I know you quite well…

  • You have a BIG heart and love giving back to the community
  • You enjoy volunteering and helping others
  • You are passionate about helping girls or women in a profound way
  • You have learned many lessons on your own life journey and wish to share them with others
  • You desire to have your own group, business, program, or center that directly impacts girls or women


  • You’re not sure how to get started
  • You have researched business and branding but you still don’t know what to do
  • You have experience working with girls and women already but not sure how to create a business model
  • You have a story to share but don’t know how to get it out to the world
  • You want to become a coach but don’t know how to get started
  • You want to position yourself as an expert but you’re stuck
  • You have a product or service for girls/women but don’t know how to get more visibility, sales, or clients/customers


There are lots of women who want to start their own business. There are also many coaches and branding experts, but very few actually focus specifically on helping women build EMPOWERMENT BRANDS that make BANK$$ and BUILD UP WOMEN from WITHIN!!



Download your FREE Purpose Into Profit Worksheet HERE.


This worksheet will provide you with 10 steps to jumpstart your business idea.

 Let me help you position yourself as an expert, motivate you to pursue your purpose fearlessly, and propel you to create a business and life that you love.

 My Story: Taria Pritchett, Business Strategist for Womenpreneurs

2015-07-09 12.41.08I began blogging because I wanted to share the tips and advice I was discovering on my own personal development journey. I shared everything from hair tips, to confidence boosters, to books to read, to style trends. With time, I joined some blogger groups and realized that I could be making an even bigger impact and potentially an income. I researched, enrolled in programs, hired coaches, and took the proper steps to officially launch my business to empower more women especially using my background as a teacher.

However, I found that the programs I was in were missing one thing: personal, individual support and step-by-step guidance on how an actual business starts, runs, and functions every day especially as a newbie to entrepreneurship. I often times spent thousands of dollars on a program or coach only to realize that I really didn’t get what I needed or that I needed to purchase something else to help me through.

I deeply desired to work with someone at an affordable price who could help guide me 1-on-1  on the places I struggled or provide me with a complete step 1 to step 2 and so on to properly launch a well branded business, implement systems for success, and create funnels for sales that also created great impact.

Instead I had to learn bits and pieces and then put it all together!! As I put it together, my vision became clearer, my brand got tighter, my visibility increased, the number of girls and woman I empowered increased, and my business started making more revenue and impact!

In an effort to make this easier for new and aspiring women who want to start businesses, I decided to create a branch of my own business that could empower and serve women to become EMPOWERMENT BO$$ES all in one place with everything they needed!


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Business Clarity, Confidence, & Cash Flow Session(s):

Each session will be customized to meet your individual business needs. You will leave with practical action steps, additional resources to move forward, and more confidence in yourself to pursue your purpose fearlessly and boldly.

  • Launch Your Business Session– Brainstorm Your Idea and leave with Action Steps to Get Your Business Up & Running
  • Build Your Brand Session– Get clarity around your message and crafting your brand story to reach thousands
  • Become a Coach Session– Create your coaching services by outlining your signature process to provide transformation to others
  • Get Clients/Customers Session – Pinpoint your ideal clients/customers and discover steps to find them in the world
  • Idea to Income Session: Flush out all the details to turn your idea into a product or service( ie. coaching) and start selling ASAP.
  • Start Speaking & Teaching Session– Craft your signature talk and/or signature workshop
  • Become a Book Boss Session– Outline your book idea and receive steps on how to prepare book to be self-published
  • Build a Booming Blog Session– Outline blog idea, craft content strategy, and leave with steps to get it up and running smoothly
  • Stuck to Unstoppable Session: Get moving and motivated again on your business idea. Turn your frustration into fuel by discovering what’s holding you back and leave with action steps to refresh your business for new sales and more visibility.



    • 1 hr : $149 (Idea development, leave with 3 action steps)
    • 2 hr: $298 (Idea development and create action plan, leave with 5 action steps)
    • 4 1 hour sessions: $597  (Idea to Income Package: brainstorming, planning, creating, marketing, monetizing, and building a movement around your message)–Most Popular


Business Confidence, Clarity, & Cash Flow Session
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Purposed & Paid: Launch Your Business Starter Kit for Women Entrepreneurs (Coming Soon)


This kit is a comprehensive guide and workbook to help you build a solid business foundation and brand. It will walk you step by step through selecting a business structure and model to follow, crafting your brand story message and starting a movement that makes people want to work with you, setting up a website, and creating your signature product/talk/service to launch your business to the world successfully.


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