5 Business Lessons from Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Bey took over the world last week when she dropped yet another surprise album, LEMONADE. Now, she is on tour, selling her visual album (for way more than the average price),  and everybody is talking about her even though she has been out of the limelight for the past 2 years. Beyonce’, love her or hate […]

How to Write a Business Plan

As you prepare to launch your business, you should have a typed up plan that includes goals, projections, and important biz info. One of the key skills a business owner must master is “self-discipline.” Discipline is followed when you are organized. A plan helps you stay organized and focused! Here’s how to create a mini […]

The Key to Standing Out At Work

All of us want to be a star, especially at our workplace. You want to be the top seller, the best teacher, the friendliest and most effecient nurse, hairdresser, cashier, and whatever awesome job that it is that you’ve been blessed. But it can be hard with all the stress and pressure involved with meeting goals, […]

3 Black Women Owned & Operated Businesses We Love

If you ask The Root or Essence, 2013 was a pretty awesome year for black women and well, I’m inclined to agree. From Kerry Washington slaying us as the intelligent and fashionable Olivia Pope to Beyoncé’s self-titled album that dropped without major promo, the media has given black female celebrities a lot of well-deserved attention […]