Why Every Woman Needs to RAISE Her Standards Now

 Over the last few years I have spent countless hours UPGRADING myself and my life in every area. What areas of your life could use an OVERHAUL, a little SPRUCING UP, and a little INCREASE? As long as you SETTLE or SIT BACK: ·         WAITING ·         WISHING ·         WONDERING ·         FEARFUL ·         UNMOTIVATED ·         LAZY ·         OVERWHELMED ·         DOUBTFUL You will never get […]

How to Talk to Your Man So He Will Listen

In case you had experienced the so familiar situation in which you catch your boyfriend not paying attention to the conversation, you excellently know how irritating that could be. Of course, no matter of the excuses, you still will be mad at your beloved one for distracting with other activities so easily. The good news […]

How to Identify Your Toxic Relationship Patterns

Throughout my life, I’ve always been lucky in one area of my life; love. I’ve never had trouble getting or keeping a boyfriend, which I always considered to be a good thing, until I realized that maybe my propensity for being able to generate an insta-relationship out of nowhere was not working in my favor. […]

Why You Keep Attracting the Same Men!

The warm truth: You have a type! The cold truth: Your man is your mirror! Our men are our mirrors. You attract who and what you are. If you don’t change, he doesn’t change. If you keep being insecure, he will reflect that. If you are needy and obsessing over him, he will follow suit […]

How to Survive Being Single During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches one of the prominent thoughts for most single women may be their lack of a man. However, this is not the time to let your single status affect your ability to enjoy your experiences with family and friends. The following tips will help you stay busy, enjoy your time and perhaps […]

When a Woman is Fed Up, She Writes: An Open Letter to ‘That MF’

To my dearest love that handed me a collection of tears and passionate screams that wrapped me around your phallus instead of your heart, and broke me down to the morsel of my soul. Yes to you my dearest companion who used his smile and charm to draw me into a friendship that allowed me […]

Why Competing With Other Women Dim Your Light, Life, and Legacy

  In my mind, jealousy seems like such a dirty word. I guess because being jealous of another woman seems like it is “so high school.” At a certain point don’t we as women get to a point where we have our own and don’t need to be worry about others? I guess not for […]

Why Does She Always Get the Happy Ever After?

The Happy Ever After Girl Defined You know the type got it going on, nails done, hair done, everything did, always smiling, gets the good guys, gets the baby or the ring before others, her Facebook never has a dull moment, her Twitter account is on fire, always getting opportunities, always seems to be on […]