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Is it time you finally became fierce, confident, and unstoppable? Download your e-book here. Being a woman with killer confidence and unstoppable drive is how you should feel every day. Too often women tell me they are…. Struggling with maintaining a positive, confident attitude Feeling like a “hot mess” and can’t get it together Holding […]

5 Biggest Mistakes NEW Entrepreneurs Make

Being in business means that you are a HUGE risk taker. You are courageous, brave, bold, fearless, and confident. As an entrepreneur you constantly deal with failure and trial and error, which however, can be minimized if you pay attention to the success of others. Like famed life coach, Tony Robbins, always says, “Success leaves […]

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It’s official! I now offer a host of products and services that service women who are ready to unleash their inner Beyoncé, Cookie Lyon or Taraji if you want to get fancy or even Olivia Pope (ie. the fierce, fabulous, and fly woman you want to become)…let’s make her happen.   Let’s unleash the confident […]