8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It’s that time of year when allergies start acting wild and we feel a new zeal for life because it’s a new season. Traditionally, we clean our homes and our closets, but very rarely as women do we spring clean ourselves. Imagine what a renewed and refreshed version of you could bring to the table? […]

How to Find a Good Man Worthy of Your Time

           Here’s how…. Look Inside….is there a GOOD woman in there? Is she mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, romantically, financially, and purposefully in order? Is she consistent, stable, and secure? Is she understanding, compassionate, and loving? Is she fierce, strong, and powerful? Is she sensual and sanctified? (all at the same time!) Is she healed, healthy, […]

8 Ways to Be More Confident With Men & Relationships

Men are so simple. Yet, they seem so complicated. Men seem difficult to understand, reach, and connect with when you aren’t well versed in male-female relations. You don’t fully understand what unique traits men possess versus women. This is not knowledge we are born with. It is knowledge that you are here to learn if […]

Life Coaching For Women!

Confident & Empowered Living Life Coaching For Women You are at a place in your life where you KNOW exactly what you want. BUT…. You need help achieving that vision and following through to make it a reality. You fear that you will either fail OR actually become so successful that you won’t know what […]

How to Attract the RIGHT Man

The right man for you is OUT there!Every shoe has its match. You are NO different. 1) You must believe the above statement wholeheartedly 2) You must prepare yourself &  your life for him to enter it 3) You must surrender how, when, and where he will arrive to God 4) You must ensure you are healed […]

Why Love Isn’t Working for You: The Real Reason Why You Love Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

It is my Monday night obsession, and one of the few shows I even make time to enjoy. I am not alone. Many of us are tuning into VH1’s hit, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. We love being entertained by the antics that cover everything but hip-hop and everything wrong with love. No matter how […]

The Secret to Real, Long Lasting Love for Women

Note: This post may not be what you think it is going to be about. Only continue reading, if you are truly open to thinking about love in a new way. How many times have us women heard the age old, “focus on yourself,” “live the life of your dreams,” “get busy with something in […]

Could You Be Emotionally Cheating on Your Partner?

When relationships start to go south and you and your partner are not communicating with one another. You’re upset for one reason or another and you start yelling at the top of your lungs. You see her and you push down everything you are feeling and won’t say one word…one or both of you may […]

Eccentric Black Women: Recognize That No One Can Define You Or Tell You Who To Date

  My hair doesn’t curl enough to be ‘nappy’ and it’s not long enough to be considered pretty. I don’t have the span of my hips that would make me the phenomenal woman; sometimes it’s too wide to be loved. I’m too light to be considered colored or too dark for my beauty to be […]

The Top 4 Mistakes Women Make in Relationships

I love you ladies, I really do but many of us make some very critical mistakes which eventually dictate the direction our relationship will end up going. My mother made mistakes, my girlfriends make mistakes – I’ve made mistakes and they have cost me. Clearly, when you are ready for a relationship you want to […]