Are You Settling for Less in Your Life?

So often we as women allow fear, excuses, and doubt to hold use back from making our next BEST move. But, doing the same thing you’ve always done with NO changes in results means you are SETTLING! Are you settling? Have you checked in with yourself lately to see if your current life truly matches your […]

3 Ways to Be More Fearless & Go After What You Want

Two weeks ago, I signed up for a FREE session with a branding specialist. I found her website while reading a Huffington Post article. In just one conversation, she completely changed my entire life. In just 30 minutes I went from feeling stuck to being unstoppable (and of course I ended up hiring her to become my […]

3 Questions Every Woman Business Owner Should Ask Before Starting

Many women always tell me that they love what I do, wish they could empower women, wish they could become a coach, wish they could do public speaking! I think that is a beautiful aspiration! However, starting a business requires one really crucial step when you begin in my opinion. This will lay out for […]

Speak Up!: How to Speak With Confidence & Own Your Voice

Most women often wonder, “who am I to speak up and say anything?” My question to you is, “who are you not to?” What makes you any less special or significant than the next woman? Absolutely nothing. Your voice is to be honored, cherished, and valued, but you first must see it that way. Owning […]

15 Empowering & Soulful Life Lessons to Live By in 2015

For me 2014, broke my heart…open and cracked my soul into being. It was challenging. It was a struggle. There were tears. There were questions. There were prayers. There was confusion. There was war within the battle of being who I thought I was to realizing that who I am becoming required me to change. […]

2015 Business Reflection & Preparation Workbook

CALLING ALL WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS! (i.e. Business Women, Bloggers, Authors, Experts, Coaches, etc.) How will you make 2015 your BIGGEST & BEST year in business? Get access to Regal Realness’s first annual workbook, 2015 BUSINESS REFLECTION & PREPARATION WORKBOOK that is 14 fully colored, printable pages of pure reflection and reinvention bliss for your biz! This book was created […]

New Year, New You: Reflect & Reinvent Yourself in 2015 Workbook!

What type of woman do you desire to be in 2015? Get access to Regal Realness’s annual workbook, REFLECT & REINVENT YOURSELF IN 2015 WORKBOOK that is 17 fully colored, printable pages of pure reflection and reinvention bliss! This book was created for the woman with vision, purpose, and dreams who enjoys staying on track with […]

How to Survive a Stormy Season of Growth as a Woman

When a woman is experiencing a stormy season in her life there are several signs that pop up to indicate you are experiencing an “empowerment awakening” as I like to call it. A time where you are being called to awaken even more to your confident and empowered self that has always lived within, but […]

3 Reasons to See “Beyond the Lights”

Part of my birthday celebration was finally seeing Gina Price-Bythewood, producer of Love & Basketball’s latest movie, Beyond the Lights! I am so glad I did. It was the perfect movie for me to see on my special day. Not only was perfect for me to see but I can guarantee you if you have […]

New Year, New You: Reflect & Reinvent Yourself in 2014 Workbook!

This workbook was created for the woman with vision, purpose, and dreams who enjoys staying on track with things in her life that matter to her the most. It was created to aid in self-reflection from the previous year and to help guide you to reinvent yourself in 2014 so you can live a happy, […]